Lay Report: Lunch Break Lay

  No, I didn’t get laid on my lunch break then pop back to work, that would’ve been impressive. It was a Friday morning at work and I was looking out the window appreciating how much of a nice day it was while feeling pissed off I was stuck in my office waiting for the …

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Lay Report: Indian (Museum Game)

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of only hitting the same areas and thinking Daygame just means approaching outside on the streets. It doesn’t. We should be able to approach in any situation rather than being a one-trick pony like all the spammers on Oxford Street. One of my ‘secret’ off the beaten …

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Lay Report: 17 Year Old Peruvian Pocahontas Virgin + Anal

It was a rainy February Saturday afternoon in Covent Garden, around 4pm. I was propped up within the undercover section in Covent Garden waiting for the rain to pass while I checked the standard BS on my phone. As I look up I see a dreamy girl wandering through looking at the various stalls within Covent Garden wearing earphones, she proceeds to stop to …

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