Lay Report: 20 Year Old Feminine French Virgin

Fairly similar. Not as hot but bigger eyes

‘Mmm this blueberry cheesecake flavour protein shake is so tasty’ I say to myself as I’m waiting for my porridge to warm up in the microwave before I hit the gym that Sunday morning. One of the small pleasures I get in life is to slowly go through all the different ‘MyProtein’ whey protein flavours as they have so much to choose from. Whenever it’s time to buy a new batch I try a new flavour, slowly going down the list. So far the top three flavours are:

  1. Apple Crumble and Custard
  2. Blueberry Cheesecake
  3. Peach Tea

It’s the small things in life.

Later that afternoon I’m stalking out Covent Garden market area, weaving in and out of the tourists when I see a pretty elegant looking girl all in blue looking at the market stalls. She looked very ‘K’ and fairly conservative as it was a hot day and she still wasn’t showing any skin. I went in.


Excuse me, I know this is random but I wanted to say hello because you look very elegant. I like your blue style, you look a little bit like a blueberry


Haha, oh thank you


You actually remind me of my blueberry cheesecake protein shake I had this morning… it was sooo tasty.


I find out Lea is here in London for 1 month on an internship and has about 3 weeks left. She was quite the Anglophile and loved anything British, I could tell she was really happy about being in London. The vibe was good between us and I took her number.

About a week later I’m on a date with Lea sitting in the infamous Souk Medina. Lea had turned up to the date looking very feminine and conservative with a long dress and showing no skin at all. The vibe was good between us and I liked her intelligence and demure demeanour. Lea mentioned how much she loved the way I approached her and I could tell it meant a lot to her. She also said it doesn’t really happen in France as the ‘Metoo’ movement has fucked things up in France because men can now get fined for approaching women on the street. I get the impression it’s not the local French men that are hassling the girls… if you know what I mean.

Lea then told me after I approached her, another guy approached her in Covent Garden, also commenting on her blue outfit, which she couldn’t believe as it doesn’t happen in France- she thought she was on a reality TV show or something. Lea said she politely declined the other guy as it just ‘felt‘ better with me. Lea then asked my age and when I found out she was 20, I took a few years off and said I was 28 (I’m 32) just to play it safe. I love time travel.

I show Lea some of my travel photos on my phone, resting my hand on her leg as I’m scrolling through my phone. When the time was right I went for the kiss and she loved it. We finish up our drinks and take a walk to Trafalgar square as she is hugging me, kissing and watching the fountains all lit up at night time in the middle of the square. She said she felt like she was in a film. It felt on so I invite Lea back to mine. She puts up some resistance such as saying she is too tired but as she finally agrees she says “Just so you know, it’s my time of the month so don’t expect anything”. I can work with that.

Not long after we’re both kissing on my bed, clothes come off and as I’m on top of her, she says those magical words…


You know… I’m a virgin


I really wasn’t expecting that as Lea seemed like a confident girl, was very mature for her age and was happy to engage in foreplay. I could soon tell she was telling the truth about being a virgin when she tried to give me a handjob… it was so painful. I thought my banjo string was going to snap. I put the condom on and just as I get the tip in she freaks out and closes up her legs. “I think we have gone far enough for tonight” she said. I can’t blame her, it was quite fast but I could tell she liked me enough and I would see her again so I rolled off and built up some comfort. It’s interesting, in the past if I got that close I would have been really pissed off but now I felt like I really wasn’t too bothered.

A couple of days later we meet for dinner in my area and sit down in one of my favourite places. For some reason I didn’t sleep well the night before and had no energy so I was happy to let her talk while I sat back drinking my beer- she was quite the chatterbox. I finished my food quickly as all I could think about was taking this pretty girl home and taking her virginity. There was one issue- she was the slowest eater ever!

I was sat there with an empty glass and an empty plate while she was talking so much, she had hardly touched her food. I decided I had two options:

  1. Do lots of talking myself so she could eat her food
  2. Go to the toilet

I went to the toilet.

I went for a piss in the urinals but realised this only took 2 minutes, upon realising this would probably be only enough time for her to have taken a few bites of her food I walked straight into the toilet cubicle, locked the door, sat down and checked the football scores. I thought it would be best to kill more time so Lea had longer to finish her food. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the girl but I’m just too tired for all of this.

After a few minutes had passed, I walked back to the table and realised my grand plan had worked- her plate was empty!

We were soon back at mine and the escalation continued. Clothes come off and I’m on top of her again. I finally get the tip in and yet again she pushes me off as she said it feels too overwhelming, I could tell there was a big block in her mind. This was obviously a big deal for her and I was happy to take my time, making her feel comfortable.

When the time was right I got on top of her again and slowly slid my dick into her beautiful tight un-fucked vagina. As I finally went in, making her a woman, Lea’s eyes went wide in disbelief. It was so cute. It was quite funny as she gave me a sort of running commentary throughout


This feels good but also quite intimidating… This is a life changing experience


The best part was later in the night when I fucked her doggy style as afterwards she just lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, never having her body been dominated like that before. Her mind was completely blown, not being able to make sense of how she felt with so many thoughts and feelings rushing through her mind. On walking her back to the station she was still in disbelief but also making a joke of it.


This is crazy, I left my house a virgin but now I’m going back and I’m not one!


Lea is such a sweet, feminine girl and as she has about 2 weeks left in London I shall see her again before she leaves. It was interesting but nice seeing how her mind was trying to process the whole experience. I met Lea in the exact same spot as I met the 17 year old virgin last year in Covent Garden. It made me think that the Bethnal Green London jihadis could always try hanging out in the same place rather than blow themselves up in the search for their precious virgins…


6 thoughts on “Lay Report: 20 Year Old Feminine French Virgin

  1. PinkPantherPUA

    MyProtein ey? I’m currently using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard extreme milk chocolate and I get a sickly feeling after I’ve downed it. Not from the flavour but from the protein. Will defo try yours next!

    Oh and well done!.


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