Lay Report: Sixth Sense IOI

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Very similar. More of a cute look

It was the end of the first full day of the jaunt as Gollum The Gamma and myself were heading to a pub for a well deserved beer as out of the corner of my eye I see a girl rush past. Thinking nothing of it, Gollum who was preoccupied with biting the head off a squirming fish suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. With eyes ablaze he looks up and barks at me…


Mate do that set, I think she likes you


Are you sure? I didn’t get a good look at her


Yeah, trust me


Taking Gollum’s word for it, I run around in front trying to front stop her but she was in such a rush she runs into me and tries to keep on going until my persistence gets her to stop as a smile spreads across her face. I can’t remember what I said exactly but I complimented her and had to use Google Translate in set as her English wasn’t good, finding out her name was Natalia, 24 years old and was very shy. As Natalia is typing into Google Translate I see a wedding ring on her finger.


Oh, are you married?


Hmm, yes and no


That’s a strange response. I invite Natalia out for a drink and she says yes but I wanted to make sure she knew what this was all about as the last thing I wanted was to have a date to nowhere with a married girl who wants a free English lesson.


We can meet for a drink but I am not your English teacher. I’m attracted to you


Yes, I understand


And what about this? (pointing at her wedding ring)


Don’t worry about that (looking slightly embarrassed)


I take Natalia’s number and as we part ways, I look over my shoulder and I see her suddenly run full pelt down the street as she really was in a rush even though in set talking to me you would never have noticed as she was very relaxed. This is a great sign as even though she knew she was late she realised talking to me was a higher priority in that present moment.

I return to Gollum and thank him as I guess it was an IOI I didn’t see for myself. While Gollum was nonchalantly leaning up against the wall picking fish bones out of his teeth from his recently devoured meal, he then says to me “She didn’t actually look at you but as she rushed past I sensed she noticed you and was just trying NOT to look at you”. Interesting, how can we notice a girl is aware of our presence even though she doesn’t directly look at us? It’s easy to write this off as just imagining it but I think there is a lot more to this.

This is something I have picked up on various of times in the past, it’s as though our subconscious is picking up on something. It’s easy to ignore it as though it’s all in our head but maybe there is a lot more to this. Trusting your gut and calibration rather than logic. It’s as though a girl noticed you (consciously or subconsciously) from a distance and is now doing everything she can to not look at you for whatever reason. We pick up on the micro expressions she is sending out; from her body language to the expression on her face. It’s like a sixth sense we develop over time.

Fast forward to Sunday and I had set up a date with Natalia for 2pm and another girl for 5pm. In the morning I had a really good feeling about the date with Natalia so I messaged the other girl to postpone our date, pushing it back to 7pm. This really pissed off the girl so she ended up blocking me. Fucking lunatic.

I meet Natalia at 2pm and lead her to a cafe for a coffee, I look down at her hand and she is still wearing the wedding ring. Hmm maybe this is going to be a time sink. I follow my standard date structure having to resort to Google Translate 50% of the time. Natalia ends up telling me she hasn’t seen her husband for about 10 months as he works in Ukraine, so it sounds like another unhappy marriage. I was still worried where I stood so I thought I’d make my intent clear so I know where I stand… I went for the kiss. Natalia rebuffs my attempt then says,


Not here


Good this is what I wanted. Natalia then gets up, goes to the toilet and on her return I see she has adjusted her makeup and put on lip gloss, excellent. I lead Natalia to a bar closer to mine and we drink a beer each. About 20 minutes in I hold up the menu in front of us so nobody can see and go for the kiss. We make out and when the time was right I invite her back to mine; but I get the well known response of “next time”. To build some more comfort we go for a walk in the park making out now and again like two teenagers, I could sense she was really getting off on the excitement of it all and the last time she would of had an experience like this would probably have been years ago. I knew it wasn’t on today so we part ways at the metro hoping the bubble wouldn’t burst for her and she will be happy to meet again before I leave.

We meet a couple of days later and Natalia turns up looking beautiful as she has made even more of an effort than the last date, wearing high heels and immaculate makeup. But.. she was still wearing her wedding ring- strange. I lead her to a bar 2 minutes from my apartment and sit upstairs in an empty room, we’re all alone. We start making out heavily and just as the vibe was turning sexual between us, a bunch of American tourists storm in and destroy the moment making Natalia suddenly sit upright looking nervous.

Just before we had finished our drinks, I am holding Natalia’s hands with her wedding ring still on display while we are still using Google Translate to communicate. I then notice one of the Americans look over with a confused look on their face no doubt wondering- “why does that married couple have to use Google Translate to communicate?! Must be a Russian bride”.

We soon finish our drinks and I invite Natalia back to mine, she accepts. As soon as we are in my room it’s on with no resistance, she came out to have her adventure sex with a travelling English man. She was a shy girl but very passionate in bed with a great petite body. There was one moment just before sex when she started wanking me off, I look down towards my dick and she is still wearing the wedding ring as her hand is wrapped around my dick. Bad girl.

After Sex Natalia says the last time she had sex was 10 months ago- the last time she saw her husband and when she met me today she knew this would end in sex. Natalia married young, which is normal for Russia meaning I was only the 4th guy she has slept with. Surprisingly Natalia said she will probably tell her best friend about this, when due to her life situation I was expecting her to keep it completely quiet.

I actually met Natalia for a quick coffee a week later before I left and she mentioned she did tell her best friend. Apparently the friend didn’t say anything- she just smiled. The friend obviously knew Natalia was married and did’t shame her at all. Sounds like she also didn’t see it as a big deal.

Natalia was a very sweet, feminine and shy girl. Throughout my time with her it felt as though she was out of her depth as it was the first time she has ever done something like this but just went along with it anyway. She was happy to just follow my lead and let things happen.

Natalia was the second married girl I’ve ever slept with, the first being a girl in Japan last year. They were both in unhappy marriages as they weren’t even living with their husbands. Interestingly, they were both very shy, sweet and submissive girls; the type you would imagine could never cheat on their husband. The secret society at work.

5 thoughts on “Lay Report: Sixth Sense IOI

  1. Great lay report, particularly around “intuitive” IOIs. I like Reports that highlight unusual expressions of attraction which are rarely documented in the seduction space.


  2. The “trying hard not to look” thing is funny, because I also used to do this a lot myself when I was more shy.

    Now I sometimes get it myself by girls walking by.
    They have that “I’m not looking at him, but I better put on a neutral, friendly look on my face, in case he looks at me”-expression in their face.


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