Lay Report: Up The Bahraini Backside

London Daygame anal
Not has hot but much bigger tits. She actually looked more South American than Middle Eastern


I’m not the biggest fan of Daygame in January as it’s just too damn cold but I have been out most weekends to see if anything took my fancy. So last Sunday I headed into central as normal and as I’m walking down Oxford Street munching my trusty protein cookie, I see of what looks like a cute South American looking girl walk towards me wearing a winter jacket with a big hood. I give her the laser eyes as I walk past and she looks back but in a way of, ‘why is this guy looking at me?’ rather than a real IOI.  With the half-eaten gainz protein cookie in my hand, I turn around and get in front of her. She immediately takes two steps backwards, looks at me suspiciously and asks what I want.


Hi, I know this is random but I wanted to say hi. That big hood makes you look like a South American Eskimo


Oh haha, thanks. I actually come from Bahrain


Oh I guess that’s an Eskimo hijab then (while touching her hood)


Hahaha what?!


I find out her name is Samira, from Bahrain, in London for a few weeks and thinking about moving here. The banter is good and I can tell she is not a normal Middle Eastern girl. Samira tells me she is into the gym and doing boxing classes for fitness so I tease her saying she doesn’t look like she could hurt anyone as she was also quite small. I hold up my hand and tell her to hit it as hard as she can. Samira punches it as I laugh, ‘haha, no hit harder’. Samira kept on punching my hand, the vibe felt like a little child trying to punch an adult. As this is happening, I look to my left and I see a London red bus has stopped in the road next to us. In the window there a few people just watching all of this and laughing. I soon build some more rapport before taking her number.

We meet two days later in the area where I live and just as I head out to meet her it starts snowing so I tell Samira to meet me in a pub and send her my location. Samira turns up, takes off her big winter jacket and I’m suddenly confronted with her incredible body, which I didn’t see when I met her on Oxford Street. At only 5 feet 2 inches, Samira had a juicy bum, boobs and a perfectly flat stomach from the years of gym work. Instant erection.

As she sits down at the table at a right angle to me I instantly say she must be cold and take her hands in mine, I really wanted to fuck her and wasn’t going to mess about tonight. Samira seemed slightly taken back by my immediate touching but she took it anyway without pulling away.

The banter was just as good as when we first met and I found out even though she was born in Bahrain she isn’t a Muslim. It also sounds like Bahrain is a lot more liberal than the other countries in the area as she was showing me photos of her in her bikini on the Bahrain beaches. After 30 minutes or so I lead Samira to another bar closer to mine.

As we sit down on the sofa I immediately pull her in close to me. Samira confesses this is all new to her as she is recently out of a long term relationship so it felt as though she was just following my lead. It’s hard to remember what we actually talked about as I went on this date with the intention of completely free flowing/vibe based rather than sticking to my usual date structure. The reason being, a few girls in the past said it felt like I was following a script.

I build up the kino until I get a bit of a kiss but I could tell she was still hesitant. At some point I asked Samira what is the most adventurous thing she has done, where she proceeds to tell me something boring. About 5 minutes later Samira goes to the toilet and when she comes back I noticed her vibe had changed as she brings up that same topic and tells me she once had sex on a beach. This took me by surprise but now as I think about it, with that time in the toilet alone she had a chance to think about where things were going. I believe this is when she made her decision she was going to sleep with me.

We kiss again and it gets heavier each time so I make sure to break it off first and change the subject. After 20 minutes or so I have that familiar rush of thinking to myself ‘right, this is it, I’m going for it’. I always love this exact moment as the rush never fades. I ask whether she would like to come back to mine for a while to relax and watch a film, making it sound like no big deal. Samira was quite hesitant at first but I soon convinced her by saying how in England it’s normal to relax round another person’s house- it doesn’t matter whether they are a man or woman.

Once Samira was feeling comfortable in my room, we sit on my bed watching Netflix. Literally, after about 10 minutes I start escalating and she is taking it all. I slowly undress her and as I take off her bra, two big boobies suddenly fall out of them. I give them a big squeeze. Lovely. We soon start fucking as I have to start off slow as she is very tight. The sex was very passionate and I dump my load in her mouth which she was more than happy to take.  A while later we go a second time and as I’m fucking Samira doggy style, I ask if she likes it in the ass. She said it ‘depends’ so I put on some lube and slowly go into her beautiful ass. We start off very slow then build up the intensity. It was awesome.


How is it?


It feels like torture… but it feels good.


Good girl.


I then move back on my knees so I’m kneeling, while Samira is sat on top of me thrusting up and down. I think she has done this before.


I’m going to take this condom off and cum in your ass




I throw the condom on the floor and easily slide back inside raw dog. True to my word, about 30 seconds later I pump her Bahraini backside full of cum. She loved it.

After the dirty, dirty sex, Samira said she last had sex 8 months ago- her ex-boyfriend and I was the first guy she had even been on a date with since him. Samira was a very sweet girl and I’ll be happy to bang her again while she is still in London… and devour that ass again.

All the way through the date with Samira, the vibe felt like this is a new experience for her and doesn’t know what to do, or what the process is here but feels she should just go along with it and follow my lead anyway.

9 thoughts on “Lay Report: Up The Bahraini Backside

  1. Jamie Daygame

    “in England it’s normal to relax round another person’s house- it doesn’t matter whether they are a man or woman.”

    Nice leading/framing. And great write-up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mob Barley

    “All the way through the date with Samira, the vibe felt like this is a new experience for her and doesn’t know what to do, or what the process is here but feels she should just go along with it and follow my lead anyway.”

    It’s like guiding Zombies.


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