Who’s Mr White?

I’m English, in my early thirties, based in London and in February 2011 I embarked on my journey of approaching and seducing women in the daytime, aka Daygame. Fast forward to now and I’m still hitting the streets of London with the occasional Euro Jaunt thrown in for good measure.

After all these years I’ve decided I’ve got so many good stories, with hopefully more to come, it would be such a shame to take them to the grave with me. It’s for this reason I have finally decided to start this blog so I have somewhere to document them.

I’ve been in the game a while now but am fairly late to the blogging scene so this isn’t so much of a ‘player’s journey’ blog but rather just somewhere to write up my adventures. I started off by adding some of my favourite stories from the past couple of years and will continuously add to the blog as more stories occur on my Daygame journey. Feel free to have a read as I hope this blog will give you some inspiration or at the very least, entertainment.

See you on the streets,

Mr White

March 2018