Lay Report: Knife Edge Same Day Lay

Lay report daygame asian
Take off a point but Sarah looked less Asian

Thing’s haven’t been going well recently. The year started well by getting two notches from 15 approaches in January but I haven’t got anything since then. I’ve been wandering around not enjoying my sessions feeling as though there are no hot girls in London to approach, resulting in me counting down the days until my first Euro jaunt of the year. Not a healthy mindset.

The sets I’ve actually managed to find either result in a blowout, flakey number or a date to nowhere. I’ve had 4 dates in a row which were one big waste of time; one of which ended with me telling an entitled time waster to hurry up and finish her drink because I was bored and wanted to go home. Everything has been going wrong. When things are going this badly I start losing my love of the game and feel as though a Daygame burnout is waiting for me just around the corner. Sometimes we just have to stop complaining, suck it up and get out there anyway.

Saturday rolled around as normal and it was time to hit the streets. I was so tempted to stay in and take a break from things but I told myself I’d at least go out for an hour or so to see if anything took my fancy. Luckily I did.

It was about 4pm and I was walking back down Oxford Street after taking a piss in Baghdad Selfridges, when I see a cute girl walking towards me, head down into her phone checking city mapper. I go in…


Excuse me, I know this is random but I wanted to say Hi because you look very Pretty, you have a slight Alternative look as though you’re on your way to Camden to get your next tattoo


Haha thanks. But I’m looking for the Sherlock Holmes museum


I find out Sarah is a tourist here, her last day in London, originally from Thailand but raised in America. I couldn’t get my head around it as she looked only about 1/4 Asian but apparently she was 100% Thai. I come to the conclusion Sarah’s Mum probably cheated on her Dad with a Westerner, this is the only explanation. Along with Sarah’s look and upbringing she just came across like a normal chatty American girl. It’s hard to remember what I said as we were just vibing in the moment. I soon convince Sarah to come for an English beer and forget about the museum.

I lead Sarah to The Finery just behind Oxford Circus and build rapport over beers, the vibe was great and she had good banter. I throw in a few spikes so she knows my intent then decide to ramp things up a bit.


OK I’ve got an idea. I live fairly close by as it’s only about 3 stops on the tube so let’s go back to my area and I’ll show you my favourite bars.


OK, sure.


This is where I saw a small sparkle in Sarah’s eyes as though she had the realisation that something could happen here.

We get off the tube in my area and as we’re going up the escalators, I touch Sarah’s hair and ask her if she ever has it longer.


No because if I have it any longer it gets in the way when I’m giving head


OK, I wasn’t expecting that answer. It’s fair to say that was a green light.

Thing’s are looking good but then Sarah mentions she will just have one drink then go home to shower and change as she wants to go out dancing later. Ah OK, I guess she isn’t going to make it easy for me after all.

We get the drinks in and I end up showing her some photos from my Tokyo trip last year, including photos of all the crazy Japanese Manga comic porn we saw.


Haha look isn’t this funny


Not really, sex isn’t a big deal


True. Sarah then starts ramping things up again by talking about her dildo back at home and how she normally dates girls as she is bisexual. On the surface this looks great but I’ve fallen for this trap before. She could either be a cock tease throwing out some beta bait or she might just ASD herself. So I made sure to stay non reactive and casually changed the topic. We kiss soon after. I then break it off first and change the topic again.


How about after these drinks we go back to mine for a bit, get some drinks in and watch a film


I already told you I wanted to shower and change first.


If you really want a shower, you can have one at mine


Why are you being so impatient?


Hmm OK maybe it is still too early to bounce, or even worse… she could be a cock tease all along. Sarah says it’s her last night here so she wants to go dancing and that I can join her. For fucks sake, am I really going to have to go ‘dancing’. The best chance I’ve got is the flashing lights give me some type of epileptic fucking seizure, spazzing out on the dance floor, that’s the most movement you’ll get out of me.

I invite Sarah back to mine again and she seems adamant she wants to go home first to get ready but she’s happy to get a tube back so we can go out around my area. In a situation like this I didn’t want to let her out of my sight but if I asked her to come back to mine again it would’ve started to come across as needy. We leave the bar, change numbers and part ways. I walk back home and I have a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that there’s a chance I won’t see her again. This is on a knife edge.

I drop her a message to just let me know when she’s on her way back… silence. Things aren’t looking good when suddenly- PING, my phone went off. Thinking it was Sarah I pick it up to be greeted with Gollum sending me a photo of some fish from his holiday (true story). Gollum I know you like your fish but this is not the time.

An hour passes and I think I’ve lost it then- PING. It was Sarah.


This rain is shit. I’m not going outside anytime soon. I’ll let you know if I decide to leave this warm bed.


FUCK, I’ve lost it.

No wait, fuck this… I’m not going to give up. Never Ever Give Up.

I decide messaging her back won’t cut it so I decide to ring her to try and pick the vibe up. Sarah picks up and switches to video call. As I’m talking, the little minx lays back on her bed and slowly slides her shirt across in the most slow and sexual way so I can see her nipples. Oh dear god, what is she doing to me. I stay composed and non reactive as though I hardly notice it and get down to business.


Sarah listen. You have two options, 1. You can get a tube back here or 2. I can come over to yours


You can come here, I’m just in an Airbnb with 4 flatmates, they can watch us


Here we go again. She could be just teasing me or will ASD herself again. I change the subject, tell her to send me her location and hangup.

I stand there in my room with a throbbing penis looking down at my phone. This is it… will she send the location?


She fucking sent it. She was staying on Brick Lane and according to Citymappper it’ll take me 30 minutes to get there. Fucking optimistic.

I open my drawer, grab a bunch of condoms, stuff them into my pockets, throw on some shoes and I’m out the door in a flash. I get to the station and jump on the tube all the while thinking “there’s a big chance she could be one big game player and I’m wasting my time”. I wouldn’t have been surprised if when I resurfaced from the tube I’ll get a message from her calling it off and giving me excuses. I resurface at Liverpool Street station and no message has come through. In this situation I’m going with the ‘No news is good news’ mantra.

Before I know it, I’m rushing past the scumbags on Brick Lane until I get to the address she gave me. I message Sarah and tell her I’m there. This is it, the moment of truth.

I see a door open and a head poke out. There she is, greeting me just wearing a T shirt. A feeling of pure relief and excitement rush through my body. Instant erection.

Sarah leads me up the stairs, into her small room and we sit on her bed. We chat and chill out a bit as though this is the most normal thing in the world and all of the adventure beforehand as well as her video call escapades didn’t even happen. We’re soon kissing, clothes come off and I’m fucking her tight little pussy to the sounds of the annoying guys on Brick Lane below trying to persuade passers by to go into their curry house. What a night. What an adventure.

Never Ever Give Up.

6 thoughts on “Lay Report: Knife Edge Same Day Lay

  1. Inspirational. I’ve had situations where I felt like I was jumping through hoops for a girl (“lets go dancing, lets for a drink”) and yet still pulled it off. I wonder what’s going on there because it flies in the face of what is commonly taught.


    1. In the case of this one, now that I look back she probably decided to have sex early on but still wanted to have her fun and go dancing first because she assumed sex was going to happen anyway, it was about the build up for her. It’s the equivalent of watching a good movie, you don’t want to jump to the end straight away, it’s about enjoying the build up knowing the end will come.

      It felt like she would of got the tube back but the terrible weather put her off. Me turning up at her place however gave her that option to have sex so she couldn’t say no, there was nothing else holding her back.


  2. Nice.
    The Sherlock Holmes museum sucks anyway, worked there for a while, you did her a favour.
    I get that it is high value to not be very reactive when she brings up sex, but I worry that she’ll think I’m uncomfortable with sex. Is there anything to this or is it all in my head?


    1. It all depends if you’re genuinely comfortable talking about it or not, if you’re comfortable with it she’ll pick up on it so it will be fine.
      There’s no harm in talking about sex, just as long as you don’t get over excited. If a guy gets too excited she will be able to tell he doesn’t get much sex.


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