Lay Report: Alluring Armenian

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January has been pretty rewarding so far as I have only done about 15 approaches and somehow managed to get two notches. Both of these notches came from the third week of January and I only did 6 approaches that weekend, meeting the Bahraini on that Sunday and this girl on the Friday evening.

Friday evening, and I’m weaving through the Oxford Street rush as I was thinking of calling it a day and heading home as I’m not usually a fan of after work daygame, I’ve always preferred  weekends. As I’m heading back towards the station a sultry looking girl walks towards me, she looks up; we make eye contact and smiles at me. Fuck me, that’s a damn good ioi. If I don’t approach off that I must be some sort of faggot. I don’t want to be a faggot… so I approach.


Hi, I know this is random but I think you look really pretty. You look like Jasmine from Disney but it’s actually really hard to work out where you come from


Haha thank you, she was my favourite! But I’m from Armenia


Oh so I guess you decided to move here- the best city in the world because you got so bored of Yerevan


Wow… you know our capital. I’m impressed! How did you know that?


Well I like travel. I’ve been to Azerbaijan, your next door neighbors… but you’re enemies.


I’ve noticed knowledge goes a long way with girls, especially if you know a few things about their country which they would not be expecting. Travel, nationalities and geography is one of my strong points now (thanks to all the daygame) so I like to use this to my advantage. Even something as simple as knowing the capital cities to these random countries can make a difference.

The set with Hasmik was great fun, just vibing off any topic which came up until I took her number as she was in a rush to meet her friends. Pinging commenced and the next time she was free to go for drinks was Saturday- a week later. For some reason I was thinking this would not be a first date lay so rather than set up the date near my place, I set up the date at Covent Garden so we could go to the infamous Souk Medina, it’s not the end of the world as an Uber from Covent Garden to my place is 10-15 minutes anyway. As you will be able to tell, it didn’t make a difference.

Saturday comes round and we’re sitting in a busy Saturday night Souk, the vibe is good. As I’m sitting next to Hasmik I notice she is just oozing sexuality, just the way she is talking and looking at me… some may say alluring. I can feel the underlying sexual tension. As I’m building rapport, Hasmik mentions guys do stop her on the street but I am the first guy she actually went on a date with, which is always good to hear. She also admitted how she noticed me on the street but the reason she wanted to meet up with me is that when I approached her, it just felt ‘good’.

Every Friday and Saturday night at Souk they have a belly dancer that comes round and dances for everyone, the funny thing about today however was that the belly dancer looked like an actual stripper- fake boobs and all. The vibe suddenly felt sexual and I could tell Hasmik was enjoying it, she even joked how she enjoyed watching the belly dancer ‘a bit too much’. The funniest thing was that there was a hijab wearing Muslim family with two small children to the left of us just eating their dinner. You should have seen the look on their faces when this stripper belly dancer was dancing.


You know, there is something I’ve been meaning to do all night


What’s that?


We kiss. I then weigh up my options and feel as though there is a chance for the bounceback here.


Listen, it’s still quite early. How about we get a taxi back to my area and I’ll show you my favourite bars near me


Ha, I know your plan, trying to get me closer to yours. Let’s just stay round here


Instead of trying to force things through I decided to take Hasmik to a cool pub close by called ‘The Cross Keys’. It’s a really cool English pub, red lighting throughout without sofas all around the inside of it. It was busy so all the sofas were taken but this didn’t matter as we were just standing at the bar together, Hasmik held in tightly so our crotches were touching. We were in our own little bubble, holding each other and kissing.

I build more rapport so she felt completely comfortable with me while kissing now and again. At one point I decide to ramp things up a bit. I kiss her then whisper in her ear.


That isn’t the only place I want to kiss you


My heart is racing right now


The time felt right so I decide to go for the bounceback by saying we can get an Uber back to mine and watch something. Hasmik was hesitant and I found out the reason why is that she was worried if we had sex on the first date then I wouldn’t see her again.


You have nothing to worry about, I like you. If something happens between us tonight or not, the outcome will be the same for me- I will want to see you again.


I’ve used this line plenty of times before when going for the bounceback and it works. Hasmik agreed to come back.

We get into my place, lie back on my bed and watch Black Mirror Bandersnatch, an interactive film on Netflix, it’s pretty fun to do this with a girl. We kiss and just the way she is kissing with full tongues I can tell it’s on. Clothes soon come off and I’m fucking this sexy Armenian, no resistance. We soon go for a second time and Hasmik goes on top riding me. The intensity builds and builds until I feel her tight warm pussy clamping up round my dick until she moans as she orgasms. This instantly turns me on and we cum simultaneously. Hasmik then collapses on top of me and seems pretty happy as she says it’s rare for her to orgasm when it’s the first time with a man. We relax for a while until she calls an Uber back home. Good times.

I found it hard to find the motivation to write up this report as it felt like a bog standard lay report rather than a stand out story. However, it’s always good to take something away from each lay/story and with this one; it really made me think about Last minute resistance and how I really don’t get it as much these days. I used to get LMR a lot and I remember one year in particular (2016) where LMR was kicking my ass, I lost about 10 girls who gave me LMR then I never saw them again. It was sending me absolutely mental. These days I don’t get it much which I put down to the girl already being ‘sold’ on me before they even come back to my place, which comes down to having better date game. Another aspect is I must be a lot more congruent now- a girl can sense the identity I’m presenting is actually who I am, which means less tests at that last critical moment.

9 thoughts on “Lay Report: Alluring Armenian

  1. “You have nothing to worry about, I like you. If something happens between us tonight or not, the outcome will be the same for me- I will want to see you again.” – it’s a good line, but I would be lying if I said it.


  2. grapplerPUA

    Nice one mate !

    Your lay reports would make a good memoir once they’ve been edited and polished up a bit. Have you thought of taking up Krauser’s memoir challenge ?


    1. Thanks. I spoke to Krauser about this. I don’t think I’ll be doing it, I’ve been in Daygame for 8 years now and I can’t remember the details for the first half of it.

      This blog sort of does the job for me.


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