Lay Report: Never Ever Give Up

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Brown eyes and more of a cute look

It was time for my second Euro Jaunt of the year and as I’m only hitting up Russia this year, I decided I’d give Saint Petersburg a go rather than always going to Moscow. Last time I went to SPB was all the way back in 2016 with Ricky Roma for a 1 week jaunt where I didn’t get laid. So for this reason I thought I’d come back with a vengeance 3 years later for a 2 week jaunt this time. I could also catch up with Seven so I was looking forward to the trip.

Rain, rain, fucking rain. It just wouldn’t stop. This is one issue with a northern city like SPB; the dodgy weather. Every time it looked OK outside, out of nowhere it would just start lashing it down again. One good thing about SPB is the Galeria mall but for some reason the quality of girls just wasn’t there.

Even when the weather was half decent outside I really wasn’t inspired with the quality of girls. You know things are bad when you see more people with face tattoos than actual 8’s in one day. Am I actually in Russia? What the fuck is going on? The boys came here last year and had a great time, so I couldn’t work out what was going on, until Seven broke the news to me.

Oh, you do realise it’s exam week for the students right?

Oh for fuck sake. Perfect timing. In combination of exam week and shit weather, things were not looking good. I wanted to see SPB in it’s full potential but I guess that will not be happening.

This first week was a grind, constantly throwing myself in front of buses, I really wasn’t getting much interest from the girls and I was even struggling to find the girls I like as they were hiding from the rain no doubt. To really rub salt into the wounds I finally got 2 dates and even though they went really well, they both ended up flaking after so I couldn’t get them out again. I’m assuming they knew I was just after casual fun but it still hurt as I liked both of them and the dates actually went really well so it was a surprise when they both flaked off.

Rain, no sets, blowouts, flakes, dates to nowhere, more rain. I really am not enjoying this. And to make matters worse the fucking shower in the apartment didn’t work properly so it would be either ice cold or scolding hot water, being hot enough to give me secondary degree burns.

As I sat in my room one gloomy morning staring at my awfully quiet phone, I hear something smash in the bathroom. I go to investigate and am confronted with glass all over the floor. As it turns out the vibrating washing machine knocked off the mirror I use to shave my head onto the bathroom floor. Great, just what I need, I now have to shave my head without using a mirror. ‘Ouch, ouch ouch’, I end up cutting my head like I’ve been crawling through barbed wire. What a fucking good start to the day. Well, at least I have my scrambled eggs to look forward to. I cook up my eggs and sit down at the kitchen table but just as I go to shove the first scoop into my mouth, the bullshit cheap fork I was using suddenly snapped and the plastic shattered all over the bowel. As I look down into my plastic eggs I then see small drops of blood dripping into the eggs from my head shaving attempt earlier. I gaze into my bowl of bloodied plastic eggs and feel like I’m staring into the Abyss. Can this holiday get any worse.

I’m nearly at breaking point, fuck this, this can’t go on. I need to put in a big session today as all my leads have flaked already. Let’s get to it. I throw my bloodied plastic eggs into the bin and hit the god forsaken streets.

Set after set after set, I must of walked miles with small pit stops for coffee or dinner. Yet again, no girls massively took my fancy or were giving off the correct vibe but I kept on approaching anyway, I probably did over 15 approaches that day, which is very high for me. I walked so much for some reason I started to get dizzy and ended up ever so slightly losing my balance and walked straight into a lamppost. Starting the day with bleeding into my eggs and finishing off the day with walking into a lamppost. As you can see I’m a high value man living a high value life right here.

Towards the end of the day I was running on empty with no vibe left but I had to do at least one more approach. I can’t give up. As I turned the corner I see a cute girl storm past me; it’s fair to say she did not look open and would probably be a blow out. Ah well, guess I’m throwing myself in front of another bus today. I front stop her but she kept on walking, I had to persist to actually get her to stand still…

I wanted to meet you because you look very pretty

Oh OK (with a very skeptical look)

I can’t remember what I said as it was all a blur but I just remember being able to tap into my vibe reserve tank (VRT) as I was running on empty. I used the last remaining vibe I had to ramble on about god knows what until for some reason she warmed to me. I find out Sveta was 21 years old and actually went to University in England in the city where I originally come from which helped build rapport.

Sveta’s vibe was still fairly standoffish as I can tell she was not used to this situation and kept on telling me she has to go home to look after her черный собака dog. I invite Sveta out another time and take her Whatsapp.

We meet on the Saturday night and straight away she says she can’t stay long as she was tired. We go to a nice wine bar recommended by Seven and I manage to find a sofa by the window so we can sit next to each other. The date was very ‘conversational’ with no sexual undertone whatsoever. Sveta was an introvert and came across fairly logical so it was hard to vibe with her, however, she would take my touch which is obviously a great sign.

At one point on the date I show Sveta my photos from Tokyo last year, including the photos of the Manga porn comics we saw as I have found this is always a good way to hint at sex on the date while showing her my travel photos.

Look, we saw these comics as well. Aren’t the Japanese naughty?!

Haha, why do they have to go to the shop. Can’t they just download them?!

Hmm, OK I wasn’t expecting that reaction, it came from nowhere. First green light. We went to another bar and carried on with my date structure as we held hands over the table, things are looking good. It was time for my favourite question.

Where is your favourite place to be kissed?

Hmm, probably my neck. What’s yours?

Well I’m a man so I think you can guess

Oh haha. (she blushes)

Shortly after we have a small kiss but she was shy as there was a lot of people around. When the time was right I invite Sveta back to mine and after a few wobbles she accepts. We get back to mine, lay back on the bed and put on a film as Sveta cuddles up to me until about 20 minutes into the film and clothes come flying off as her flood gates open and I’m bish bash bosh.

I wan’t to finish in your mouth

I’ve never done that before

Come here

Sveta gives me a good blowjob, I cum in her mouth and she was happy to swallow it all. This was a first for her. After sex I find out the last time she slept with a guy was 1.5 years ago, which explained how the flood gates opened as soon as I kissed her on the bed. Before this point on the date she really wasn’t showing any sexuality. I was also only the 2nd guy she has ever slept with. Sveta also confessed that when I approached her she actually lied about having to get back home for her dog- she doesn’t even have a dog, she just really wanted to go home in the moment but I persisted.

It just shows no matter how badly things are going, things can turn around in an instant if you keep your mind in the right place and put the work in. As a wiser and oranger man once said before me “sometimes you just have to put your head down and fight, fight fight!

Never Ever Give Up.

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