Lay Report: More Goulash

cute russian girl
Aleksandra was an 8 with a bit of an alternative look

The previous night (Thursday) I had finally got my first notch in Moscow with the cute Uzbekistani so I was feeling relieved but had another date lined up the next day on Friday. It was a third date with a girl I liked so had high hopes. However, yet again, she flaked. Luckily I had got my notch the night before or I would be fuming over this.

I met Roy Walker for fishing while I ate my dinner and he had a beer. I told him about my date flaking so it turns out we were both looking for same day lays now. I eat some tasty goulash followed by roast chicken and as the goulash was so nice I convince Roy to also order some. While Roy was waiting for his food, he ran off to do a set and ends up bringing this hot girl back to the table.


How do you feel about eating my goulash? I’m taking this girl for a drink


Ha well, I’ll try. I’m so stuffed!


Nice one, catch you later


So off Roy goes on his instant date while his goulash turns up for me. The waiter laughs as he must of thought I’m some type of goulash fiend. I make a start on the second batch. This was my dinner:

  1. Starter- Goulash
  2. Main- Roast chicken
  3. Desert- Goulash

Living like a king.

It was so much food I had to go home for a nap. There was Roy on a date with a hot girl and there I was sleeping because I ate too much. Alpha. No more goulash, please, no more goulash.

Later on in the day once I had recovered, I’m winging with Seven on Kamergersky as we both see a beautiful girl all in black looking like she had nothing to do. My spidey sense tingled and every fiber of my body screamed out at me to open that girl. She gave me a slight look so I took the set.


Hello, I know this is random but I think you look pretty. You’re dressed all in black. Where is your motorbike?


я не понимаю


Here we go, another girl that doesn’t speak English. Time to pull out Google Translate again; this shit is really zapping my battery. Up close she was even hotter than I realised; dressed all in black and wearing a choker she was giving off a bit of an alternative vibe but pulled it off well, I’d say a low 8. I do the set on Google Translate and find out Aleksandra is 19 years old, just moved here to Moscow for university and was just going for a walk because she had nothing to do that evening. Perfect. You all know what I was thinking… it’s time for more goulash a same day lay.

I suggest going for a drink but Aleksandra said she would rather walk for now as we can go for a drink when it gets cold. No worries. We go for a walk and I automatically walk her in the direction of my apartment. My apartment was two metro stops away as I wasn’t living right in the centre; about a 20 minute walk. Aleksandra and myself walk along Kamergersky and up Tverskaya while stopping now and again to communicate on Google Translate. I noticed every time we stop to talk she would stand in close to me and I took this sign to hold her hand now and again. Things were looking good.

We get to my area and I take Aleksandra to a bar a couple of minutes from my apartment where we get a sofa, sit next to each other and order in some goulash cocktails. The vibe felt good even though she spoke no English, I showed her photos on my phone and held her in close. I went for the kiss and she turned her head. OK, I wasn’t expecting that. Got to keep on trying.

Later on I go for the kiss and we make out passionately. I could feel the love bubble as she was caressing my arms and kissing as the warm fuzzy feeling of the cocktails took effect. When the time was right I mention we can relax at my apartment later for drinks and a film, Aleksandra replies with, “We’ll see”. I pay the bill and we go for a walk outside, once we are nearly outside my apartment and I motion her to come inside, Aleksandra says “let’s go for a walk first… and I want to wear your jacket”. Hmm, is she just testing me now? I lose the battle to win the war and give her my jacket as it was cold out. We go for a walk around the block so she can smoke until I mention I have beers at home.


I don’t like beer. Let’s go to the shop and buy champagne


OK this isn’t good, maybe she is just using me after all. I give her a stern ‘NO’ and thankfully that’s the last of her games as she was pleasant for the rest of the night. She lights up another cigarette before we get to my front door and she pulls out Google Translate again.


This is unusual for me, I’ve only ever been with one man before


I wasn’t expecting that as she seemed very mature for her age and looked like a little minx. In hindsight the lay was always going to happen but I just had to give her time to relax and not rush her. She knew she was going to go through with it.

I lead Aleksandra  into my room and load up a film as she lies on my bed, looking completely at ease as though it was her own apartment. Clothes come off and she is soon lying back on my bed completely naked, still wearing her choker, waiting for me to go inside her. She looked stunning. We banged a couple of times and I enjoyed every second of it until I finished in her mouth.

Just before she left we swapped numbers and it was at this point I realised I can’t even remember what her name was. This has happened a few times on a same day lay and it’s always a funny moment. Even though we swapped numbers it felt like it was pretty obvious we wouldn’t see each other again. Aleksandra starting her new life in Moscow and just wanted some fun and myself, leaving Moscow in about 2 days. I have found there is always a melancholic feeling after having quick sex with a very hot girl. I am happy for pulling something like that off but knowing this is the last time we will see each other and I won’t get to bang this beauty again. Always a strange feeling.

It felt like Aleksandra was culturally K selected as she has been living in a small Russian town all of her life before moving to Moscow where she only had the one long term boyfriend. But she was biologically r selected as now she has moved to Moscow, her true self can now come out, where I caught Aleksandra right at the beginning of her promiscuous phase.

I left Russia a happy man as I aim for 2 lays from each euro jaunt, but it was a strange trip. Nothing for the first 2 weeks then getting 2 lays in my last 3 days. I celebrated the lay the next day with, you guessed it… more goulash.

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