Lay Report: French Flag Same Day Lay

French girl Daygame Lay report
Not quite as hot but had bigger eyes

The first weekend of December and I had decided to make it my last weekend of Daygame as it’s always good to take a few weeks off before the new year, so I can start again in January feeling refreshed.  I head into central Saturday afternoon and I am reminded on why I don’t like gaming in the run up to Christmas- it was packed and I couldn’t see any solo girls worth approaching. I really feel like I can’t be bothered with this while it is this busy, so I message the boys and meet Roy Walker and Mr S in ‘Bonds Bar’ behind Bond street to watch the Man U match and have a few beers. After a beer or two we randomly end up talking about French girls.


You know what, I think French girls are the highest quality girls out of Western Europe, they are very feminine and I love their accent.


Yep, agreed


I still don’t have the French flag. It’s the last flag I really want. I don’t seem to meet that many French girls in London.


We decide to have one last beer at the Shakespeare’s Head on Carnaby street as you can just stand outside with your beer, so it makes a great fishing spot, taking turns rolling off sets as the girls walk past. Carnaby was also packed with Saturday shoppers and everyone taking photos of the Christmas lights. Roy and I find a spot outside the pub to stand while Mr S gets a round in. As soon as Mr S re-joins us outside and hands me a pint, I see a hot girl walk past us coming from Regent street onto Carnaby. Without a drop drunk I immediately hand the pint back to Mr S and make chase. She stops in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Carnaby looking up at the lights like everyone else there…


Excuse me, I know his is random but…


(She cuts me off straight away) Sorry my English is not good, I’m French


This was quite a mind fuck considering we were literally just talking about French girls. Up close, Eva had the most beautiful big eyes, juicy lips, brunette and to top it off she had the most feminine French accent which I love on a girl. Easily a high 7. I find out Eva is 22 and has just recently moved to London to work.


What are your plans this evening?


Just looking around… would you like to walk with me?




IMG_20181201_195855 (1)
I met Eva about 10 minutes after taking this photo


We walk up to Oxford Circus and I lead her to The Finery behind H&M for a beer. We sit down and I build up some comfort over a drink. She then proceeds to tell me how she really likes English men as they are kind and like Gentlemen.


What type of men do you like?


Just like you. You are pretty and strong (Eva then strokes my arm). I also like men with shaved heads. They also must be older.


Holy shit. I found a yes girl! If you know me, then you know I am not pretty. I was just lucky enough to find one of those rare girls where you are just ‘their type’. I’m English, go to the gym, 10 years older than her and have a shaved bald head. I ticked every box for her. She also says she doesn’t stop to talk to guys in France as apparently they get angry if you don’t give them your number.

After one drink I mention we can go back to my area so I can show her my favourite bars and it’s only a few stops on the tube, Eva agrees. As we are walking to Oxford circus station, I look over at Eva and she just has a small smile, a type of ‘knowing look’ on her face as though she understands where this is going. I think this is on.

As soon as we get off the tube, I turn to Eva and say..


OK, we have two options. Either we can go to another bar or just buy some beers and go back to my place


I’m feeling tired… so the second option


At first, I thought this was a translation error, but then I realise… Jesus, I’m going to be fucking this girl tonight.

I walk Eva back to mine and straight into my room. I load up my laptop so we can listen to some music or watch a film but just as I’m waiting for my crappy 8 year old laptop to load up… my guts start rumbling. ‘I can’t believe I need a shit, this is literally the worst moment’ I think to myself.

Eva is sitting there on my bed in silence as we are both waiting for this shit laptop to load up and all I can think about is dropping my guts in the toilet. I start sweating. My laptop finally loads but then the browser fucking crashes. ‘Fucking Google Chrome, you wait until this moment to crash on me… should have used Asked Jeeves’.

I start squirming and she can tell something is wrong. This stupid cunt laptop finally all loads up and I throw it at her saying she can choose something on Netflix.

I run out of my room, into the toilet and begin to exorcise this evil demon out of me. As I’m sitting on the toilet in a cold sweat and hearing this horrid shit literally fire out of me. I think to myself ‘This is fucking ridiculous. I literally have a 100% hot yes girl waiting for me on my bed and I’m just here taking a shit’.

I finally flush away the evidence and walk back into my room. Eva is just sat there drinking the beer and smiling. I put on some music and start to build some more comfort as we are sat on my bed drinking. We kiss for the first time that evening.

Eva then gets on top of me and starts grinding, clothes come off and then I see her body. Holy shit… it was incredible. Perfect shaped tits, probably at the larger end of a ‘C’ cup and a tight body with curves in all the right places. Eva then gives me one of the best wet and deep blow jobs I’ve ever had. Soon after I’m raw dogging her warm, wet, tight pussy. She was also on the implant so I was happy to cum inside her. We go a second time, in which I trademark the ‘Mr White Double Dog’.

Raw Dog + Doggy Style = Double Dog.


Yes, yes, yes


No. In French


Oui, oui, oui


Now I realise why French girls are known to be good lovers. She was awesome. It was also a bonus Eva was on contraception as I was more than happy to cum multiple times into her beautiful pussy. From stopping Eva on the street to going inside her; it was all done under 2 hours. Maybe just over the 90 minute mark which is one of my fastest same day lays yet; and with a girl this hot it was very surprising. After sex I do some debrief.


When did you realise you wanted to sleep with me?


When you stopped me on the street. You are what I like. You are so pretty.


I literally can’t remember the last time I met a yes girl like this.


When was the last time you had sex?


1 year ago. I had a boyfriend of 4 years before that. I have been single for the last year in France.


Eva slept over and we fucked again in the morning before she left. She was very hot so I obviously wanted to see her again, so we swapped contact details.

She flaked.

I have to say I was very disappointment as she was obviously into me and she slept over which I thought would help, but none of that made a difference. Even though I was really disappointed she ghosted me after; at the end of the day it was just a really fast same day lay so it comes with the territory. Sometimes the hot girls just want to get laid. The lack of English might of played a factor as we were using Google Translate 50% of the time so it felt hard to build a solid connection.

Now I think back to my time with Eva and even the morning after, she seemed so aloof and blasé about the whole thing like it wasn’t a big deal. She said she has never done anything like that before but I’m not sure I believe her. Either way, I now know what people say about the French being so laid back and blasé about everything. She just oozed non-neediness, a good learning point. Maybe this is what a lot of French girls are just like when it comes to sex. No big deal.

This was a great lay and I’m happy I finally got the French flag, I’m just disappointed I couldn’t see her again. This is a good reminder that just because you can bang hot girls, it doesn’t mean you will be able to keep them around. Eva was one of the hottest girls I have banged this year.

Eva marked my 13th Daygame notch this year. Lucky number 13.

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