Lay Report: 19 Year Old Russian SDL

Russia same day lay daygame
Similar but with a wider face. Vera was a high 7.

Spring has arrived and it’s finally time for the first Euro Jaunt of the year and as mentioned in my 2018 overview post there is only one place I’m interested in these days- Russia.

It’s the 4th day of the trip and I awake to the familiar sound of Gollum The Gamma listening to Batman: The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack to get himself pumped up ready for a big day of approaching; I knew the time was upon us. The dark knight Gollum and myself start the day with our normal routine of heading out for brunch before we hit the streets. Gollum has been learning Russian so is adamant of ordering mine and his food in Russian for practice wherever we go. This always makes lunch and dinner time an adventure for me as I never know what I’m going to get, it’s like some type of fucking food lottery. As I was sitting there looking forward to my porridge with honey, the waitress finally brings our food over and places in front of me a bowl of porridge with a big slab of fucking butter on top of it. Thanks Gollum, looks like you got my order wrong again. Batman would never of had these types of problems.

After the food lottery we hit one of our favourite spots and as I’m scanning the horizon, out of the corner of my eye I see a girl flash me a look. As I’m getting round in front I suddenly realise how beautiful she was with the most amazing eyes. I would say a high 7/ low 8.


Excuse me, I know this is random but I wanted to say you look very pretty, I like your eyes… you look like a cat


Oh thank you, where do you come from?


London. You come from here?


I’m an English teacher here but I come from a small town


Ahhh, I’m guessing nobody has cars there so everyone rides around on horses


Hahaha, no!


I find out Vera is fluent in English due to being an English teacher and has great banter. It’s unusual to have great sets like this in Russia as about 50% of the girls speak zero English which usually involves getting Google Translate out on the street.


You seem quite confident, have you met lot’s of girls here?


I’m a good boy… like Harry Potter


I proceed to invite Vera out for drinks another time and ask when she’s free. Vera mentions her hours are flexible so as I had nothing on that evening I just go for it and ask if she’s free for drinks later that evening.


Let’s have an adventure, are you free for drinks this evening?


Oh drinks? It’s different here, we do dinner first


Vera listen. I am just on holiday here so can’t be your boyfriend. Let’s just go for a few drinks later, it’ll be fun




I set up the date with Vera over text and we agree to meet at 8.30pm close to where we originally met, it wasn’t that close to mine but I knew it was only two metro stops away. Vera shows up looking stunning- an easy 8. As I greet her by kissing her on her cheek she says…


Oh kissing already, that’s a bit fast


Are you kidding me? I’ve only kissed her on the cheek and she thinks that’s fast, there is a chance this is going nowhere tonight. I convince Vera to get the metro with me back to my area as it was more central and had more bars around so we immediately jump on the metro and head back. First goal accomplished.

We sit down on sofas in the first venue and I can see she is keeping her distance. It was really fun being with her as she had a great vibe and seemed a lot more mature than 19 years old. After a while I move slightly closer to her but Vera just moves back keeping her distance. Even if I tried to touch her she would say it feels a bit much and isn’t used to this. Combining the fact she didn’t like me kissing her on the cheek, didn’t like me touching her and always kept her distance I just put her down to being a very K selected girl who will probably take a few dates.

Then everything suddenly changed.

Halfway through our beers, Vera’s vibe completely shifted and started looking at me in a different way. I noticed if I moved closer she would stay where she was and started accepting my touch. I go to kiss her and boom she’s all in. OK strategy changed.

To this day I’ve never felt something shift that quickly before. It went from assuming it’ll take a few dates to ‘I’m going to try and bang this girl tonight’. It felt like everything shifted within seconds, almost as though her hind brain came to the surface out of nowhere and decided to take control of everything from now on. Something Vera and myself were not expecting.

In the second venue I decided to ramp things up a bit.


What’s your favourite part of your body?


My bum, what about you?


Probably my arms


Oh so not your dick?


Well it’s fair to say I wasn’t expecting to hear that. A bit later I ask her one of my favourite questions.


Where’s you favourite place to be kissed?


It’s obvious


Not really, girls always say something different


My pussy


After some more kissing I invite Vera back to mine and she accepts. As we are on my bed I’m escalating until clothes come flying off and as I’m on top of her, before I’ve even touched her pussy yet, she just pulls her underwear to one side and pulls me into her raw dog. I slide in easily as she is soaking wet. Nothing ever beats the feeling of sliding into a hot 19 year old raw dog. OK maybe if she was 18… or 17. I end up cumming on her stomach and she runs out of my room into the bathroom to take a shower.

I do some standard post sex debrief and Vera says she decided to have sex when we were in the second bar as it just felt good. Vera mentions this is the first time she has done something this fast before and only did it because I was foreign- she wouldn’t of done this with a local guy. Afterwards as we are lying on my bed, Vera is playing with my chest hair and starts laughing.


What’s so funny?


Look, you have more hair on your chest than you do on your head hahahaha.


Cheeky bitch.

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