Lay Report: Venezuelan Vagina

London Daygame Venezuelan
Not as hot but similar look

It was my first week back after the jaunt in Japan and I was actually looking forward to meeting some normal non-Asian women again. Thursday evening rolled around and I fancied doing a few sets after work but at the same time I really didn’t fancy going into central again- I felt like a change. 5pm finally came and I thought to myself “why don’t I just hit up my area, it’s always so busy after work anyway”. I live near a very busy, pretty central station so it can be decent for Daygame anyway; we don’t always have to rely on hitting the same streets of central all the time.

I got off at my stop and instead of walking the 10 minutes back to my place to change my clothes, I thought I’ll just have a wander around straight away, still in my work clothes and bag on my back. As soon as I exit the tube and head up to a nice pedestrian street behind the station, a pretty brunette girl dressed in gym gear storms past me on the way to the station. As she passes she gives me a big IOI and a small smile. I go in..


Excuse me, I know this is random but I think you look very pretty. I like your cute gym gear but I can’t work out if you are going to the gym or just on your way back..


Haha thanks! Neither actually, this is my dress code for work


That’s completely ridiculous. How the hell can you get away with wearing that?!


I proceed to find out her name is Carla, half English half Venezuelan, and works in a health and fitness shop, hence the gym clothes. The vibe was really good and we bantered on how she likes to pretend she goes to the gym and how she got the job by lying in the interview. I also qualify her by saying I find it attractive when a girl likes to go to the gym as I’m really into it myself. Carla was also quite taken back by the approach as even though she has been living in London most of her life, she said I was the first guy to approach her in the daytime like that. This is a good reminder that even in London this can still happen if you don’t just rely on approaching in central as a lot of girls don’t even bother or have any reason on heading into central London i.e. Oxford street and surrounding areas. Remember, Daygame should be done anywhere.

I message Carla the next day and she responds well so I just go for the date request. Surprisingly she mentions that same night at 9.30pm as she finishes work late so she will have time to go home first and get ready etc. I set up the meeting point in the exact same spot where we met- 10 minutes from my place. Perfect.

9.30pm rolls around and Carla turns up looking really fucking sexy; all dressed in black and showing off her nice brown legs, every guy was staring at her. I walk Carla to my favourite bar but as it was Friday it was way too busy, so I walk her to another nice bar closer to mine. As we are walking I ask her about her background, thinking to myself “Please be a new flag, please be a new flag, please be a new flag”..


You say you’re half English half Venezuelan, but where were you born?


Well, I was actually born in Venezuela


Boom! Jackpot baby. I never thought I’d get the chance to get this scumbag socialist flag.

We take a seat, get the drinks in and my standard date structure continues. Carla confessed that when we saw each other on the street, she thought to herself how funny it would be if I just went up to talk to her, and suddenly to her surprise I did. She said it was like she was looking into the future. The date is going very well and she is taking my touch, I go for the kiss and to my surprise she rejects me.

Later on in the date she said she wanted to meet me because she was curious and was happy to meet quickly as she has no patience. I tell her I also have no patience, I then grab her by the throat and start making out with her. Game on.  We start the questions game and it gets sexual quick as Carla asks me what type of things I have done sexually. It was here where I tell the story from earlier in the year with the 17 year old Peruvian Pocahontas Virgin where we are doing a student teacher role play. I make sure I go into detail- making it sound as ‘Fifty shades of grey’ as possible and I could see it was turning her on.

I suggest we go back to mine for a film and drinks and she accepts. We lie on my bed watching a film and I pull her in close to me. I go for the kiss but she always breaks it off first and will stop me going any further. It is here where I decide to ‘flip the script’ as I find it is the best way to break through LMR. I kiss her again then break it off first..


You have to behave yourself, this is too fast. Come on, let’s just watch the film


Carla looks at me in complete disbelief. I’ve got her.

Kissing starts again and it starts getting hot and heavy, I then start dirty talking her to turn her on.


As soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted your warm wet pussy


How do you know my pussy is wet?


I’ll have to check


I then put my hand up Carla’s skirt and rub her underwear.  My god, she was soaking. To this day I can’t remember a pussy as drenched as this; it was literally one of the wettest pussies I’ve ever felt.

Like some sort of exotic sea monster.

Are all Venezuelan vaginas like this? If so, 2019 Venezuela Daygame might be on the cards.

Clothes come off and I’m finally fucking this drenched pussy with all the juices going all over my thighs. We finish and we are soon going for round two. I get on top of her…


Give me that wet pussy


Say please


No. Your pussy is mine tonight (as I go inside her)


Yes Yes! Show me how much you love that wet pussy!


A good time was had by all. A good notch, a new flag and the main takeaway from this was another reminder that Daygame can, and should be done anywhere. Daygame doesn’t have to mean just hitting the same old places. I even find that sometimes the reactions I get are actually a lot better in other areas and can come across a lot more authentic as you’re not just another guy who has stopped her that day.

7 thoughts on “Lay Report: Venezuelan Vagina

  1. “Later on in the date she said she wanted to meet me because she was curious and was happy to meet quickly as she has no patience. I tell her I also have no patience, I then grab her by the throat and start making out with her.”

    great line.


  2. -Give me that wet pussy
    -Say please
    -No. Your pussy is mine tonight (as I go inside her)

    This part is also fascinating. Women are always testing! They are so cute when they do that. Great job destroying that shit test.

    Liked by 1 person

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