2018 Daygame Results, Stats and Overview


In a blink of the eye and 2018 is already over and now comes the time of year when we all look back and contemplate over how it was. Overall, I had a great year with travel, girls and great stories. I’m not usually one to keep detailed stats but I’ll do my best to lay it all out here.

New notches: 15

Daygame notches: 13

Bargame notches: 2

New flags: 8

Youngest: 17

Oldest: 28

Average age: 22.3

Here are the ‘lucky’ ladies…

  1. New Year’s Notch in Zagreb (Bargame)
  2. Turkish girl from Bank tube station
  3. 17 year old Peruvian virgin
  4. English engineer from Oxford Street
  5. English girl, works in Fashion from Oxford Street
  6. Serbian Sloshpot in Belgrade (Bargame)
  7. Slovakian in Bratislava
  8. Indian from the British Museum
  9. Slovakian from the Tower Of London
  10. Korean Same Day Lay
  11. Same Day Lay in Russia
  12. Married Japanese girl in Tokyo
  13. American/Japanese in Tokyo
  14. Venezuelan
  15. French girl Same Day Lay


Now onto the detailed Daygame stats as we all know these are what matters…

Approaches: 700 (estimate)

Numbers: No idea

Dates: 30

Lays: 13

Approach to lay ratio: 1 in 53.8

Date to lay ratio: 1 in 2.3

I’m happy with the year as I was aiming for about 1 new girl (from Daygame) a month for the whole year and as you can see I achieved that. One standout statistic for me was my date to lay ratio being 1 in 2.3 which I was very happy with as for the last couple of years I wanted to really improve my date game for the simple reason of losing too many girls after the first date, which I always hated. If I break this down further my date to lay ratio in London is actually 1 in 1.8, which was very good but abroad was 1 in 3.3. The reason for this is that my approach rate on Jaunts is a lot higher- sometimes on the verge of spamming, so I’m drawing a lot more girls in, while in London I pick and choose a lot more. I remember going on so many dates in Russia with a lot of ‘K’ girls where the lay was never going to happen.

Looking at statistics and ratios can be interesting but I try not too focus on it too much. It’s different for everyone but personally for me, if I was really worried about my ratios then if anything, my lay count would go down as I’m writing off approaches if the girl doesn’t look that ‘open’. They can actually stop us approaching when in the grand scheme of things, we do not lose anything by approaching that girl .

  • Taking the 17 year old’s virginity and anal virginity
  • 3 SDL’s
  • The Tokyo roller coaster. Now that I think back, it was a real adventure
  • Hottest girl- SDL with French girl. That being my last lay of the year

Overview and plans for next year

This year has flown by but it’s been awesome and I’ve had some great adventures, it’s always a good feeling when you reach your goals. Even though I’ve been in Daygame for nearly 8 years, this has been my first year writing a blog and I’ve enjoyed it more than I’ve thought. It feels good my favourite stories are out there for others to read so I hope everyone who stumbles upon them are enjoying them as well.

When it comes to next year I guess it’ll just be more of the same. However, most of the lays this year have been one off lays (and a few fuck buddies) so next year I’m open to dating girls more and having a few regulars so I can be more of a ‘normal’ person and someone to chill out with if I feel like it. This also ties into wanting higher quality (don’t we all?), which for me means going straight to the source- Russia. A big thing for me is travelling and trying Daygame in all these different countries and now that I’ve been to Japan there is nowhere really left on the list for me. I obviously live and work in London so from now on, all my jaunts will be Russia, there is no point fucking around with anywhere else now.

As well as the above, next year I also want to focus on incorporating Daygame into my life more- this is how it should be done. When we first get into Daygame it is sold to us as ‘approach girls anytime, anywhere as you go about your day’ but it is actually rare guys do that. Everyone seems to have to rely on doing ‘sessions’. This has always seemed ridiculous to me. Throughout 2018 I have made a conscious effort to approach as I’m living my normal life like with the Turkish girl at the beginning of the year and to an extent, the Slovakian on my lunch break and Venezuelan on the way back from work. In London I actually see the hottest girls when I’m not expecting it such as when I’m changing tube lines, on the way back from work or on the way to the gym, so we should be able to take action when we see a girl we like, whatever the situation. If you can approach girls on a Daygame session but not when you are popping to the shop for some milk, then that is something you probably should work on.

Overall it’s been a great year full of hot girls, adventures and good stories I’ll always remember as well as the added relief bonus of achieving the goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the year.

Let’s see what 2019 brings…

12 thoughts on “2018 Daygame Results, Stats and Overview

  1. i have been russia myself but i wander how much time you spent on a daygame trip it seems to me that you can only get good results if you spent a long time (minimum of 2 weeks)on trip


    1. Yeah, obviously longer the better so I try and do 2 week trips now. However, I used to do a lot of 4-5 day trips just so I could travel and see more places. Now and again I’d get laid on a short trip but the shorter the trip, the more luck you will need.

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