Lay Report: Fear of Orgasm (+ Tokyo Daygame Review)

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After going through the brutally tough daygame at the beginning of the trip then sleeping with the married women, which you can read about here, I was feeling very satisfied as I somehow got a good notch out of this damn city. However, I still had one more date set up for my penultimate night in Tokyo before we headed back home to London.

I met Aya when Gollum and I were trying out Roppongi after receiving Intel from my mate that we should try out more foreigner friendly areas. We were looking round the Roppongi Hills mall and as we are just about to go down the escalators I see a pretty girl, dressed all in black with beautiful hair come up the escalators past us. I turn back and go in..


Hello, I wanted to say you look pretty. You are dressed all in Black like a classic Japanese Ninja


Haha thanks. I’m actually American Japanese


I proceed to find out Aya is 21 years old, was born and raised in America but has Japanese parents and they are all now living here in Tokyo. It was actually a nice change to speak to a girl who had perfect English as I could finally banter with one of them. Aya being an American made this very easy. At the end of the set I invite Aya out for drinks but she genuinely didn’t seem that interested, I had to convince her to swap details. Another set to nowhere I thought. Aya would later go on to tell me one of the main reasons she came out is because I was very insistent.

Roppongi Hills mall

Aya also wasn’t much of a texter giving me one word answers and not asking any questions. When I set up the date she suggested the next Thursday which at the time was basically over a week away at the end of my holiday, I thought she wasn’t that bothered and would probably flake by the time Thursday comes round.

The holiday progressed, more blowouts, more flakes, more beers, more diarrhoea, I banged the married girl and then it was time for the date with Aya at the end of the trip.. and she didn’t flake.

I met Aya at 7pm at the metro station in our area and took her to basically the only decent date venue/bar near us. Aya wasn’t very talkative and seemed a bit standoffish; I was finding it very hard to vibe with her. I guess it’s time for the questions game..


What type of men do you go for?


Usually older foreign men as the local Japanese men here are too shy and timid for me. I really prefer Gaijin.


Gaijin is a Japanese word which means non-Japanese foreigner.

A very good sign. I can’t remember much of the date but I did end up kissing her and convince her to come back to my apartment to relax. She was resistant at first but I made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal so I just walked her to the supermarket near mine without saying anything and bought some beers. As we were walking back to mine Aya mentioned she is not going to move back to America anytime soon because she hates Trump, I chuckle and remind myself not to say anything. Then I realise… FUCK! Gollum has left his Trump hat on the kitchen table from his daygame meltdown a couple of days previously. I cautiously open the door and find the hat is nowhere to be seen; luckily Gollum already packed his bags.

Trump meltdown
What a Daygame meltdown looks like

Aya refused to come to my room or to even watch a film so she just sat down at my kitchen table, not an ideal situation. We continue the questions game to build comfort while sat at the kitchen table drinking beers and as I go to kiss her again she rebuffs my attempt. What the fuck! This escalation is going backwards. About an hour passes and we are still playing the game.


Where is your favourite place to be kissed?


My Neck


Hmm let me see


I start kissing her neck and can tell it’s turning her on. I place her hand on my jeans so she can feel my hard dick just thinking she will pull away but to my surprise she started rubbing me. I grab her hand and try and lead her to the bedroom but she looks at the empty beers and says


Why don’t you go to the shops and buy more beer and I’ll then think about what will happen


As I’m walking out the door, Aya turns to me and says


Oh, remember condoms as well


Holy shit.. this is on!

I quickly put my shoes on and without even bothering to tie the laces I’m out the door and running down the street to the supermarket while my stupid over-sized untied laces are whipping up across my legs nearly tripping me over as my throbbing erection is nearly throwing me off balance. Then suddenly as I turn the corner an old Japanese man comes out of the shadows nearly knocking me over. “Get the fuck out of my way Ninja cunt”, I scream at him. Nearly at the supermarket I run past the doorman of the bar we were in who just recently saw me leave with the girl and now he sees me running past in a panic. “Stupid Gaijin” he must be thinking.

Run Forrest run

In the supermarket I grab the closest six pack of beer, put them on the checkout and throw my money at the guy behind the till. He looks at me blankly, points at me and starts saying something in Japanese


Tow wow pow pow




Tow Wow Pow Pow






For fucks sake, what is this crazy Jap on about? Just give me my fucking beer Ninja. I have a horny girl waiting for me. Then I realise, I need to press the digital display to confirm I am over 20.

I slam my hand on the digital display, grab the beer then sprint out of the supermarket. “Stupid Gaijin” the assistant must of thought. I get back into the apartment and luckily Aya is sat in the same spot happily waiting for me. I slowly warm things up again and start kissing her neck then I just unzip my jeans and get my dick out while we are still sat there in the kitchen. I guide her hand to her Gaijin Gift and she starts wanking me off. I stand up, take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

Sex happens quickly and I’m soon raw dogging her tight Asian pussy but then something strange happens. Every time she is about to orgasm she freaks out and pushes me off her. I try again by going down on her and the same thing happens; she pushes me away from her


What’s wrong?


I’m scared


Scared of what?


Having an orgasm


Why are you scared?


I’ve had one before and I don’t like them


It’s fair to say I have never heard that one before. You certainly do meet an interesting selection of different girls through game. I teach her a lesson by busting hard into her mouth and making her swallow every last drop. We had sex a few more times and she was adamant for me to finish in her mouth every time as she loves giving blow jobs, which I was more than happy to do. The amount of cum she swallowed that night I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t need breakfast the next morning.


When did you decide you wanted to have sex today?


When we were drinking here in the apartment, I needed to just see you weren’t a creepy guy


When we met today, did you think something would happen?


Yes. But I like to keep a man guessing.


She certainly did a good job of this one, for a long time I didn’t think this was going anywhere due to the flat vibe and how she wouldn’t even kiss when in my apartment. Aya and the married girl were similar, along with other Asian girls I have met in that you can’t really rely on overt green lights as it is usually just escalating on amber lights and leading them through the process. I actually saw Aya one more time the next evening, which was my last night so it was a good send off to mark the end of the adventure in Tokyo.

It turned out to be a good trip to Tokyo as I got two notches which is what I was aiming for. I’m actually still surprised they came through as the city was kicking our asses.

Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Daygame Review

Overall Tokyo is an awesome city, probably one of the best I have been to. However, for us, the daygame was just not good enough. We were struggling to find the hot Japanese and there were just too many blowouts and flakes. I would only recommend going to Tokyo for Daygame if you are into Asians, and I mean REALLY into Asians- it is an awesome city nonetheless.

The city is massive so you will find girls anywhere, however, our favourite areas to daygame were ‘Ginza’ and ‘Roppongi’ as these just seemed a lot more foreigner friendly and had more girls that spoke English. So another shout out to my mate Ralf who recommend those areas as they really did save us. Our only regret is we didn’t find these areas earlier in the trip as we started hitting them about half way through. Even though Ginza was our favourite daygame location, interestingly both my lays came from Roppongi.

On that note, I have never been to a city before which had that much of a noticeable difference in the reaction from girls within the different areas. One main shopping street was savage, but the other was fine.

Logistics can be a bit of a pain as it is an expensive city so it might be hard staying right in the centre. It also doesn’t help that the Japanese government has recently cracked down on Airbnb so when we booked they had removed 80% of all listings so there was not much to choose from. Be prepared to use the metro a lot.

Tokyo will remain a puzzle to me. It literally felt like it was one of the hardest places I have been to but then two lays came out of nowhere. I’m starting to feel as though it is hard to get the girls out here but if you get them out there is a very good chance it will go somewhere, I had two dates and slept with both of them. I think I approached about 60-70 girls and slept with these two so that’s a ratio of 1 in 30-35.

It’s a great city but I wouldn’t go back for daygame. I might go back to Japan in the future but it would be just for tourism. I don’t think I can bring myself to approach another Asian girl after this trip.



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