2019 Daygame Results, Stats and Overview

Hot girls sex

So the year has flew by again with more girls, travels, adventures and stories. The quantity wasn’t as high as last year but the quality along with the ratios were better so I can’t complain. Here are the Daygame stats:

Approaches: 516

Numbers: 155

Dates: 38

Daygame notches: 12

New flags: 5

Approach to lay ratio: 1 in 43


Here’s the body count:

  1. Bahraini anal
  2. Sultry Armenian
  3. Thai Same day de-lay
  4. 19 year old Russian Same day de-lay
  5. Married girl
  6. Another Russian
  7. Russian in Saint Petersburg
  8. Saudi Same day de-lay
  9. 20 year old French virgin
  10. Uzbek in Moscow
  11. 19 year old Russian stunner SDL in Moscow
  12. Another Saudi


If there was one word which could sum up this year it would be- Apathy.

It feels like Daygame is a bit of a chore these days, especially daygaming in London, hence the low approach rate. I’m walking the same old streets because I feel as though I have to and not because I genuinely want to. The quality just doesn’t inspire me anymore. As I’m walking the streets I walk past these other daygamers who are in set with low quality 6s and/or Asians; and he just looks so happy to be there. Fuck that.

As I write this I’ve been daygaming for nearly 9 years so I guess this is understandable. It sometimes feels as though I am using the last bit of motivation I have to milk the last out of Daygame. If it wasn’t for my wings who are still active in this, I’m not sure if I would still be in it myself. But maybe it’s just London which is the issue.

Overall it was an OK year as I was especially happy with the quality because I didn’t bang one 6 this year- all girls were 7s with two or three 8s thrown in. The approach to lay ratio was also better than last year at 1 in 43.


  • No 6s. All girls were 7s and above
  • Only one proper Asian and she was basically American anyway
  • Finally got some Arab flags. Banged 2 Saudis and 1 Bahrani this year
  • Favourite girl this year was the French virgin even though she wasn’t an 8 like some of the other girls.


Overview and plans for next year

One of the goals I had set for this year was higher quality, which I happily achieved. However, one of the main reasons for this was just doing all my jaunts in Russia as the quality is obviously so much higher there than London. This is all very well but I am just using my annual leave to go on these trips meaning it is just a temporary thing due to the fact I obviously live and work in London. It is not sustainable.

It is for this reason I have been thinking about the whole remote working thing. I don’t earn as much as others in my line of work but one benefit I have is there would be more potential for remote working. I’m not saying I am definitely going to do it but it is just something to think about.

I think this will be my last year tracking the stats closely and I also see myself taking my foot off the peddle slightly as I have just had two full-on years with basically no rest. I also want to incorporate daygame into my life more rather than having to rely on ‘sessions’. The whole point of this is to have the ability to meet girls anytime, anywhere but it’s crazy to think most daygamers are still unable to do that. I’ve had quite a few notches from the past couple of years when I wasn’t even on a session, just going about my day. I want more of these. Just like I mentioned in 2018’s results post- “If you can approach girls on a Daygame session but not when you are popping to the shop for some milk, then that is something you probably should work on.”

For next year I’m definitely looking for more high quality regulars rather than roaming the same old streets. But then when it comes to London, I’m starting to realise how hard it is to find that type of girl in this city when I compare the girls here to the type of girls I have met abroad. The French virgin I met here could of turned into more but she has now moved back to France.

Overall it was a decent year, I banged some hot girls and had some great adventures. For the time being I’ll be doing more of the same- London daygame with Russian jaunts thrown in (using my annual leave). I’m actually happy with my job here in London and my life in general but London can really feel like a grind sometimes. Especially when it comes to finding the high quality girls who are actually good enough to date. Over the next year I’m going to have to put more thought into things and what I want from all of this now as going remote may be a feasible option for the future.

And so it begins…

2 thoughts on “2019 Daygame Results, Stats and Overview

  1. Macca 80

    If you can’t do remote working would you do contract work? 6 months (ish) in UK saving your money then 6 months (ideally over the Spring/Summer months) in eastern europe on a long holiday ? rinse and repeat…..


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