Lay Report: Married Girl and The Tokyo Torment

Not far off

For the last jaunt of 2018 I wanted to do something different as even though Europe has the hottest girls, the standard Euro jaunts always feel the same to me now- I wanted a real adventure. I’m not massively into Asians but have always wanted to visit Tokyo so Gollum the Great Gamma (GGG) and I booked up a 2 week jaunt to Tokyo in October which would be the last jaunt of 2018.

After a long uncomfortable flight from London which consisted of shit in-flight films and a Chinese savage hacking up his guts all flight sitting next to me, we finally landed in Tokyo. Our first full day was Sunday so we were really looking forward to finally hitting the streets. I had messaged Nash beforehand and he kindly offered advice on where to go so we immediately hit the recommended areas under full impression this will surely be easy for us, thinking this will be full on White god mode. We had high expectations, if only we knew what was coming..

BLOWOUT after BLOWOUT after BLOWOUT, it was brutal, up to this point I had never been anywhere like it. Even if we got an IOI they would still blow us out and I’m talking about the worst type of blowouts when a girl just walks around you and doesn’t even acknowledge your existence. They wouldn’t even look up to see who was talking to her. I turn to Gollum and say..


What the fuck is going on? We are getting destroyed, this is absolutely savage


I know, it’s like we’re ghosts. Even the 6’s are rejecting us


After 2 or 3 days of this we were reaching breaking point, we were on a verge of a daygame meltdown. The closest we came to it was after an absolute brutal day of blowouts we finished the day sat in our kitchen just wearing our boxers and Trump hats, eating a factory worth’s of chocolates and drinking beer while staring at the wall in silence. Breakdown imminent. It got so bad Gollum had to resort to watching Trump motivational videos so he could actually get out of bed in the morning.

Gollum’s Twitter so you get an idea of how things were going..

To make matters worse, we ended up getting the shits from eating all the Ramen and random Japanese food. Our daygame sessions consisted of brutal blowouts with intermittent running into a nearby cafe toilet.

Things got really bad when the highlight of one of my evenings was after my 5th shit of the day I just ended up sitting on the toilet, staring at the wall because I just wanted to enjoy the heated toilet seat instead of facing the inevitable blowouts outside.

As I wake up one morning and hear the familiar sound of Trump speeches coming from Gollum’s room… “The last thing we need is Hillary Clinton in the White House, after the Obama disaster… Better hope I’m President!”  I look at myself in the mirror and say ‘This can’t go on, things have to change’.

The areas we were hitting really weren’t working for us so I messaged a good friend of mine called Ralf who I know from back in the days of the forum and asked his advice as he has lived in Tokyo before. He mentioned we should try out Ginza and Roppongi as they are a lot more Gaijin (non-Japanese foreigner) friendly. We had some hope.

The centre of Roppongi

One evening as we were perched outside one of the Roppongi’s metro exits, I see a very pretty girl heading into the metro so I make chase, follow her down the stairs and open her just before she goes through the gates.


Hello. Me from London. You look Pretty


She looks at me blankly, another girl that speaks zero English. The English level here is worse than Russia. I pull out Google Translate on my phone and continue to do the whole set passing the phone back and forth (all dialog below is using Google Translate as she spoke about 2 words of English).


You look very pretty; I like how you have dyed your hair slightly blonde. Me Harry Potter, you Pikachu


Haha thank you


Where are you going now?


I have to go home because I am married and have 2 children


What the fuck, I wasn’t expecting that answer. This is the point I would walk off but I end up finding out she is only 28 (looks even younger), not even wearing a wedding ring on her hand and she mentioned how her and her husband are not living together.


Are you happily married?


I can’t say so. We are staying together for the children


After I find out Mioko’s name I then proceed to up the ‘r-selected’ frame by saying I am only here on holiday so we can’t have anything serious, only fun and how I want to take her out for a drink. I wanted to be 100% certain she knew what was going on. I roughly set up the date on the spot and luckily she lived fairly close to where we were staying. Thinking back to the approach, Mioko never gave off any overt green lights of interest, such as eye sparkle. However, she was happy to stand close to me and hold strong eye contact which is unusual for the Japanese girls here as most of them are either too shy or socially retarded. Gollum reassured my belief it may be on by saying..


Who else can she fuck but a dirty Gaijin, when her social circle probably knows both her and her husband.


Mioko said she is only free in the afternoon (you know, having kids and everything) so we meet at 1pm in my area. She turned up looking beautiful. At only 4ft 9in, she had the classic cute Japanese look that I went to Tokyo for; small, petite, with beautiful big eyes. She also wore a nice dress and had done her makeup perfectly. Things are looking good but I wanted to find out her logistics.


When do you have to go home?


3pm as I have to pick up the kids


Fuck. This only gives me a 2 hour window; this is going to have to be rapid escalation. I decide I may as well go full throttle:


We have two options- 1. Go to cafe for tea or 2. Relax at my apartment.


Mioko chose option 1. Damn it. But at least she knows my intent.


Did you tell anyone about our meeting or have you kept it a secret?


A secret


Good. Secret adventure with Englishman

How I imagined myself.. but with a lot less hair

I lead Mioko to a cafe 30 seconds from my apartment; we take a seat and order our tea. After some comfort building over Google Translate, I go for this kiss but Mioko refuses saying ‘it is too soon’. This is a good sign as she is thinking about it. I also worked on making myself stand out from Japanese men by getting her to agree that Japanese men are shy but English men are confident. There was also a moment where she said I must go to the gym as I have big arms. I took this opportunity to say how all Japanese men are small and don’t look like they go to the gym.


Why did you want to meet with me today?


Because you are a good person, you would be a good friend


No. Not just friends. I am attracted to you


Yes. But I can’t have a lover when I am married, I have to be loyal


Do you love your husband?


No. But I like him. We haven’t been living together for two years. We are doing it for the kids


This is not a normal marriage. Marriages should be love and lots of sex


We only had 1 hour left until Mioko had to leave so my goal was to just to get her back to my apartment and go for the kiss and then hopefully see her again. Mioko agrees to come back for a bit. I actually thought sex wouldn’t be happening because 1. She actually seems loyal to the husband, and 2. She genuinely has to leave soon.

Ginza- our favourite daygame area

I ping Gollum to give him a heads up we are on our way back. As we walked the 100 yards to my flat, in the distance I saw Gollum making himself scarce on the way to a cafe. In one hand was his Russian language book and the other, a half-eaten raw fish.

I show Mioko the view from the window as I’m standing behind, holding her tight little waist. I then slowly turn her head towards me and go for this kiss, she rejects it. I go full on dominant mode by just grabbing her head, turning it towards me and kissing her, she tentatively kisses but she is holding back.

I lead Mioko into my room saying we can watch a film and she surprisingly agrees. I find a random film on Netflix which has Japanese subtitles and pull her in close to me; with my arm round her while the laptop is on my lap.

I let the tension build and I go for the kiss again, she kisses me back while at the same time giggling nervously like a small child. I slowly caress her tight body and just as my hand goes up her skirt, she points downwards and says “blood”. This is it, she is actually thinking about sex. There is only one thing left to do- get my dick out.

I pull out my Gaijin Gift for her and she happily starts wanking me off. We start undressing and she is still giggling nervously as I could tell she is slightly embarrassed. It also doesn’t help that this was about 2.30pm and my room was so bright with the sunlight streaming in past the shit curtains.

As my dick finally enters Mioko’s incredibly tight pussy and I hear a cute gasp come from her mouth, a rush of endorphins surge through my body… accomplishment, pure accomplishment.  I did it, I fucking did it. This fucking city nearly gave me a mental breakdown and here is my reward. These moments really do feel so much better when you have gone through all the bullshit. After sex I ask her..


When was the last time you had sex?


I can’t even remember


Do you mean years ago?


Yes, years


Mioko then leaves my place pretty much dead on 3pm and as we say goodbye at the door, I got my Japanese words wrong by saying Arigato, thinking it means ‘goodbye’. It doesn’t.. it means ‘thank you’. Oops!

Mioko was a very sweet girl who just married and had kids very young but is now in a ‘marriage’ with someone she doesn’t love or even sees. I guess if this was any other country they would have been divorced by now. I worried that she would feel regret over cheating but she seemed fine and I mentioned we can meet for lunch before I go back to London, letting her know this doesn’t have to be a one afternoon night stand. We never did manage to meet again but she is still in contact. This lay feels like it came out of nowhere especially as how the city was kicking our asses. It feels as though with Mioko I just made the most of the Asian submissiveness, similar to the Korean Same day lay as I led and she just followed along. This was also amplified due to the time limit I had with her, it all felt against the clock.

Tokyo was a lot harder than we thought, but I still managed to get two notches which felt like they came from nowhere. You can read about the other notch and a Tokyo Daygame review here.

I’ll always remember the Tokyo adventure as even though the city was destroying us I managed to make something happen by keeping my head down and grinding it out.

Never Ever Give Up.

This is the video we resorted to watching in the morning to prepare us for the upcoming blowouts..

12 thoughts on “Lay Report: Married Girl and The Tokyo Torment

  1. I love this. : ]

    No “White God Mode,” huh? Haha. I would agree.

    Although… I would get girls freaking out, so into it. Trying to touch me. Lots of blushing. And a lot of insane sexual chemistry. I feel like making out in the first minute in set… several times a day. I think I am a good “genetic match” for those girls, in the “DNA tug” sense.

    But I open up to 40 girls a day there. As you know, the sets are so quick, and there are so many girls… you can do that in 3 hours. 40 girls in 3 hours that I think are hot… I can’t do that at home. Even in NYC… impossible.

    Glad you made it happen. I think two weeks is a “tight” window to try to get laid… not much time to date. I know you bagged a couple. Well done, Sir.

    I am also glad… as I don’t think it’s easy there either. I got four new lays in 8 weeks last time (with 3-4 near misses, and another 6 makeouts). But it is not easy. Two were like “mini-GFs.” And one was a insta-pull on my 2nd to last day.

    But it was my 2nd trip when I wrote a post about being a “Blowout Artist.” (I won’t link to it, because I know you know what that feels like). That day… I got blown out 19 times in a row… and then… took four contacts… the last girl was one of the hottest girls I’ve ever stopped, and she loved it.

    I will be going back in 6 weeks. Your post is a good pre-game mental warm up.

    Congratulations, man. Fucking wild sport.


    1. I didn’t feel much of a DNA tug for these girls, approached between 60-70 sets for the whole trip. I wasn’t that inspired by them and they didn’t seem that into me either. Had a good time though.

      Enjoy Tokyo.


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  5. Found my way here thanks to Seven Daygame during a discussion bout how he found Tokyo.

    Thought I’d get just an idea of Japanese daygame, got that and also ended up in hysterics.

    One fucking funny lay report.


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