Younger, Hotter, Tighter by Nick Krauser. Book Review


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So here it is, we finally have the latest installment of Nick Krauser’s four-part memoir- Younger, Hotter, Tighter. After going all Star Wars on us and releasing them in an unorganised non-linear fashion, in my personal opinion, this is the highlight of the series.

Nick was kind enough to send me a version early before the release so I was looking forward to ripping open the packaging when I found it waiting for me as I arrived home from work. On first examination, the book feels much higher quality than the others with Nick deciding to go for a matte cover rather than gloss as well as the whole book being in full colour which adds a nice touch.

The book covering the year 2013, picks up on where Deplorable Cad left off with Nick pretty much achieving the success he was after with women and is now (balls) deep into his players journey; still being based in London while doing Euro jaunts on the side. After the success of his previous year, Nick had decided he needed a new goal resulting in the hunt for a certain amount of notches which he refers back to throughout the book focusing on a certain humorous theme which worked really well. The first scene had me cracking up instantly and was a perfect way to set the scene of the squalor of living in a PUA mansion aka Chateau RSG… just in case you forgot from the previous books.

After reading the book the first impression I had was that it seemed like a perfect combination of Nick’s previous books- Adventure Sex and Deplorable Cad. Meaning it had the Daygame focus and lay reports/success of Adventure Sex but also the Travel and storytelling of Deplorable Cad. An excellent combination I’m sure you’ll agree.  A personal bonus for me is that there is still a huge amount in London which we London Daygamers will appreciate, unlike Adventure Sex which was all based abroad.

The structure of the book is similar to the others with each chapter being about a certain girl or theme e.g. country. This works well and the first few chapters are mainly lay reports throwing the reader straight into the action, reminding me of Adventure Sex. The writing style is also similar to the previous book in that technical advice is thrown in throughout so the reader is learning while following the narrative.

One of the highlights of the book for me is the chapters on travelling through Brazil, for the simple fact I have never been so was interested in reading about Nick’s experiences and reminded me of the previous book- Deplorable Cad, as that book was heavily travel focused. These were a joy to read and really framed this player’s lifestyle as one big adventure. Through Nick’s descriptive writing and short sentences, he really sets the scene and made me feel like I wanted to book a flight immediately to have an adventure of my own in unknown territory. It was a good reminder that jaunts don’t always go as expected but it’s always worth making the most of it and always possible to pull something out the bag.

A large theme Nick concentrated on within the book is the realities of going on Euro Jaunts and how Daygamers would remember them rather than how a normal tourist would. Nick does a great job of highlighting how going on euro jaunts specifically for daygame is completely different to a run of the mill blue pill holiday. With the rollercoaster of emotions involved in a euro jaunt, it’s not really fair to even call it a ‘holiday’. This normally includes the stress involved in juggling leads, the exhaustion of a long number farm and all the false positives we may get at the beginning of the holiday adding to the feeling of optimism until the realities truly set in. An example is when Nick turns to Tom and makes the following statement about Belgrade… jinxing himself.

“I’m sure this place was harder in 2012… I’ve gotten fifteen numbers in three days”

I have been on loads of euro jaunts now and could relate to the emotional rollercoaster Nick was going through. Such as farming numerous promising leads from interested girls, adding to the early optimism and excitement of a trip. However, in the space of a couple of days, the carpet is soon pulled from beneath my feet- it can sometimes be quite a humbling experience.

Nick also describes how there can be an unspoken competition between you and your wing on jaunts abroad, and if your wing is doing better than you, it’s important to have good emotional control to keep your mind in the right place. These euro jaunt chapters perfectly describe the realities of a jaunt and how volatile they can be, which is sometimes overlooked.

The characters include the usual motley crue including John Bodi, Tom Torero and Steve Jabba as well as others from the previous books. Nick does a great job of representing these characters as due to the nature of a non-fiction book he obviously has to keep things accurate. Nick captures their personalities well throwing in a hint of humour. Anyone who is familiar with the characters will recognize Toms rabbitry relentless daygame and Bodi’s dry humour, which always had me chuckling.

In conclusion, I believe this book is the highlight of the series so far. It is written really well describing the realities of the player’s journey perfectly. Technical advice is weaved in seamlessly with the narrative making the book ideal for anyone on this journey- from beginner to advanced (or anyone for that matter). Even though the book is part of a series it is still perfectly fine as a standalone, just in case you haven’t read the others in the series. However, I would recommend to at least read Deplorable Cad as it helps to put the book into context especially when Nick refers to previous girls etc.

On Nick’s completion of Younger, Hotter, Tighter we now finally have a full memoir series in the Daygame community perfectly representing the highs, lows and everything in between. Nick should be proud of his achievement.

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