Lay Report: Follow The Leader (Same Day Lay)

Korean Daygame
Similar but not as hot


Last Sunday I was in central with the intention of rolling off a few approaches even though I wasn’t really in the mood, but I thought I’d make the most of the blistering hot weather in London. I had just been to the gym and had got a good pump resulting in looking pretty vascular with my veins popping up from under the skin (Alpha). In combination of that as well as the hot sun burning my bald head making it go red, I was starting to resemble a veiny penis.

Penis game aside, I turned left onto Regent street to see if anything took my fancy. As I’m walking past H&M I see of what looks like a pretty Asian walking towards me wearing an elegant dress and walking in a really sexy way, this is where I make my decision.

I’m not into Asians and I never do the classic Daygame opener of complimenting a girl on her walk so why not kill two birds with one stone..


Excuse me, I know this is random but I wanted to say you look really pretty. I like how you walk, it’s very sexy


Oh Thank you!


Let’s say her name was Alice… Alice the Asian. She’s from South Korea and is here in London for about a week on holiday. The set was going OK, but she was very timid like a lot of Asians and she wasn’t showing a massive amount of interest, there were no overt green lights to assume it was on. However, Alice said she was free for the whole day and came across as quite submissive. I wasn’t in the mood for anymore daygame, so I thought for a change I’ll go for an instant date and see what happens. I lead, she follows.

Regent street Daygame
In front of here

We walked around the corner to the Argyll Arms which is now becoming a favourite fishing spot with the boys and myself due to its proximity to Oxford circus. Alice and myself walk to the bar, where she asks me a question.


Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking alcohol?


As long as it’s past 4pm it’s OK


I get out my phone and show Alice the time. It was 3.59pm


Annnnnnd………. We can drink now. It’s 4pm


Hahaha ok then.


Alice mentions she will only have one drink as she gets drunk too quickly and her face always goes red. Asian genetics for you.

Artists impression

There wasn’t any seats so we are standing up inside near the bar building comfort while lightly touching her throughout, she seems to be taking it all. Alice was still a bit timid, so I was just focusing on chilling out, letting her come out of her shell a bit more.

There were still no overt green lights from her as I couldn’t even tell if she was that interested but the one thing in my favour was her submissive vibe which helped with the decision process.


I’ve got a good plan. After these drinks lets go back to me area, its only a few stops on the tube. I’ll show you my favourite bar.


Which area do you live in?


I live in ………


Oh, my guesthouse is there!



We jump on the tube back to my area and walk into my favourite bar which is a 5-10 minute walk from my place. As it was a sunny Sunday afternoon the place was quiet, so we sat down in a nice booth which is usually taken every time I go there.

My standard date structure continues, and I ask her how London compares to Korea


 I’ve noticed men are a lot more direct here


You mean they like to come up and speak to you?


Yes. A few come up and compliment me then run off or ask for directions then just ask for my number


Beginner Daygamers approaching Asians. Who would’ve thought.

Alice then goes on to tell me just yesterday a guy approached her by asking for directions then took her for coffee. The guy then acted as Alice’s tour guide and took her all around London showing her the sights then didn’t even try and kiss her at the end. Poor sod.

We begin the questions game where I find out Alice has only been with one guy before, her ex-boyfriend and that was 1.5 years ago. She also tries to tell me she is only looking for something serious so I try and frame our meeting and her time in London as a big adventure. Life shouldn’t always be taken seriously, she is young so she needs to enjoy life while she can.

We kiss soon after.

After a while I mention we can go back to my place and watch a film. She agrees.

Back at my place I load up my laptop and sit Alice on my bed. We begin to kiss again and I lay her back while caressing her tight body. I slip my hand up between her legs and start rubbing her pussy through her underwear. Alice starts moaning, giving no resistance until…


Just so you know, I’m on my period


That’s OK, it’s normal. I’ll put a towel down


The rest is history. No real resistance.

After busting my nut and throwing the bloodied condom into the bin, I did a bit of post sex debrief.


When did you decide you were going to have sex?


I didn’t decide really. I went along with it and it just happened. I thought we were going to watch a film


Alice then snaps out of the trance and starts telling me she needs to leave by making excuses about her friends. I could tell her little mind couldn’t comprehend what just happened. She submitted all the way until my dick was inside her and now her mind had finally caught up with the situation. We say our goodbyes at my front door, never to see each other again.

To this day I love the power of same day lays. Here is a sweet girl walking along in a world of her own not expecting anything to happen on her Sunday afternoon in London. Fast-forward to 2 hours later and she is getting fucked by a guy she just met then leaving straight after no doubt thinking “what the fuck just happened?”

Throughout the seduction Alice didn’t really give any overt green light signals that she was interested, or anything was going to happen- up until we kissed. This made me realise that most of my same day lays I’ve had in the past are actually like this. It is usually amber lights all the way though with the main indicator being her submissiveness.

I lead, she follows.

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