Lay Report: Lunch Break Lay

slovakian lay report Daygame
Similar body and hair


No, I didn’t get laid on my lunch break then pop back to work, that would’ve been impressive.

It was a Friday morning at work and I was looking out the window appreciating how much of a nice day it was while feeling pissed off I was stuck in my office waiting for the weekend to come around. It was at this moment that I came to the realisation- I fancy doing some daygame on my lunchbreak. Lunchtime soon arrived, and I decided to quickly dash over to Tower bridge and the Tower of London as it is only about a 15 minute (fast) walk from my work to see if anything took my fancy.

The best thing about the main tourist sites in London is that it obviously attracts all the tourists, which on the surface you would think is the best places to go to pick off a lone girl who wants her London adventure. However, most of the time they are a bit of a disappointment as even though they are busy, it’s the wrong type of busy with big tour groups and families.

London Daygame
Somewhere over there


As I was wandering past the front of the Tower ready to go back to work I see a pretty girl with long blonde hair and a great body walk past me. I go in.


Hi, I know you are very busy being a tourist, but I wanted to say you look really good. I like your long blonde hair.


Oh, thank you.


Secretly, I’m just jealous because you have a bit more hair than I do


Hahaha, Just a bit!


Being bald, I like using this line when complimenting girls on their hair as they always love a bit of self-deprecating humour and it always gets a big laugh. May as well turn being bald into an advantage.

I find out her name is Vondra, Slovakian and is a tourist in London for a few days visiting friends. It was a great, flirty set with quite a bit of banter and touching. I find out Vondra is staying with friends and is only in London for a few more days so I set up a date on the spot knowing it might be tricky to get her out as she is with friends. Just as we are saying our goodbyes, Vondra has one last thing to ask me:


So, you like going to the gym?


‘Oh good, she’s noticed my biceps popping through my shirt’, I think to myself


Well yes, how did you know?


I can see the calluses on your hands


Oh great.

100% ALPHA

We met on Friday and set up the date for Sunday evening, Vondra’s last night in London but she was happy to keep her last night free to see me even though she is staying with a friend. A very good sign I’m sure you’ll agree.

I set up the date in my area and took Vondra to my favourite bar, leading her to the roof terrace as it was still really hot out, sitting in the exact same place I sat with the Indian. My vibe was really flat and I couldn’t wake up all day, feeling like a zombie as I had been out drinking the night before with Roy Walker, Xants, Thomas Crown, Ricky Roma and Mr S. Luckily I felt like I had already won her over from the initial approach.

Vondra was very talkative, and it felt like the frame was slipping a bit so I had to keep on interrupting her to keep things back on track. Vondra picked up on me interrupting her and called me out on it, if only she knew it was for her own good.

Vondra continued to tell me she doesn’t like meeting guys in bars and clubs as they are only after sex and she isn’t looking for fun like that. Even though we should only listen to a girl’s actions and not her words, I’m not going to lie, I thought there is a chance this might not go anywhere.

Leading up to the kiss I do my standard escalation/qualification routine and ask her what 3 things she likes in a man. Her answers aren’t important as the aim is for her to ask me the same thing back. 99% of the time they do.


What 3 things do you like in a girl?


Intelligence (give an explanation) are you intelligent?


Yes of course, blah blah blah….


Adventuress (give an explanation) are you adventuress?


I think so, blah blah blah….


And thirdly… a good kisser. Are you?


Well, it’s not for me to say


In a completely sarcastic way, I say:


Well it’s a shame I’ll probably never find out then


Yep. It’s a big shame


We kiss. Tongues all in.


After kissing I finally felt her feminine submissiveness break through her chatty, banter exterior. I always love it when this happens as though you are finally seeing the real her. She cuddles into me


Where’s your favourite place to be kissed?


My neck. What about you?


I can’t say, it’s too rude.


 I think I can take a guess


When the time felt right I suggested we can go back to mine to finish off some wine I have and watch a film, Vondra gave no objections.

We are lying on my bed in my shitty room, which in the words of Ricky ‘resembles a room in the Tower of London’ watching Netflix with my laptop balancing on my lap. I’m gradually escalating but when my hand slips into her jeans, Vondra turns over so she is lying on her front stopping me escalating while staring right in my eyes not saying anything, I could tell she is weighing it up in her mind whether to go any further or not. I’ve actually had a few girls do this in the past.

Vondra tells me she is unsure as she has never slept with a guy on the first date before, and you know what.. I actually believed her. I gradually build up again using some dirty talk until my dick is finally in her awesome body.

We end up fucking 3 times, bringing her to orgasm twice while fucking her hard doggy style.

Woof Woof.

I finish off by busting in her mouth after an awesome deepthroat blowjob.

I’m pretty happy with this one as not only was Vondra pretty sexy, but it was great to get a notch from a lunchtime approach rather than relying on a standard weekend session in central. When I first began daygame 7.5 years ago I actually started off by doing most of my approaches on my lunch breaks. So if any of you are lucky enough to work in a decent enough area, take the opportunity to give it a couple of days a week, you could be nicely surprised.

London Daygame

4 thoughts on “Lay Report: Lunch Break Lay

  1. >> and you know what.. I actually believed her.

    I am going to assume you’re right, but deciphering girls is an interesting topic.

    I have a moment like this in almost every post about every girl. The “actually” is our indication… That we know these girls stretch the truth here and there.

    My wing and I were talking about this yesterday: when it is bullshit, is the story crafted specifically for us? Like there is something we are projecting that makes her think we need that story? Or is that a story she knows “works” on every guy?


    1. I have always assumed if she is bullshitting it’s usually because she cares what you think of her i.e. she is wanting to see you again.

      If she is just wanting fun, knowing full well you won’t be seeing each other again, then she has no need to lie- especially if it is just after sex. This was her last night and there was an unspoken understanding that we probably won’t see each other again. I honestly felt she had no reason to lie to me in this situation.

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