Lay Report: Indian (Museum Game)

Not this hot

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of only hitting the same areas and thinking Daygame just means approaching outside on the streets. It doesn’t. We should be able to approach in any situation rather than being a one-trick pony like all the spammers on Oxford Street. One of my ‘secret’ off the beaten track locations for Daygame is the British Museum as I’ve got a few lays from there over the past couple of years. However, over the past year or so it’s been a big disappointment as all I would see in there is large Chinese tour groups frantically running around like the Jawas they are, with no solo girl in sight. With tourist season in full swing in London I thought I’d give it another go.

About 2 weeks ago on a hot sunny day in London I was rushing through the rooms to see if anything took my fancy, keen to go back outside and hit the streets as it was such a nice day. Just as I was about to leave I see a cute tanned looking girl wearing a nice dress showing off her petit legs wandering through, her vibe was a nice change to the Mad Cunt Chinese tourists taking photos of everything just so they can tick off ‘visited British Museum’ off their list. I weave past the Asian Invasion and go in.


Hi, I know you are very busy being a tourist, but I just wanted to say you look very cute, You either look like Pocahontas or Jasmine from Disney but I can’t work out which one you are.


Haha, Thank you! But my favourite was Ariel the Little Mermaid


Well, you don’t really look like a fish (while looking up and down at her legs)


I find out her name is Divya, from India and has been living in England for 5 years but she lives in a town about 1 hour away by train and is only down for the day. She suggests we walk and talk so we walk around looking at the exhibits while building comfort. This is one big benefit of Daygame in a museum or gallery because it can automatically turn into an instant date by walking round together, fractionating between building comfort and looking/commenting on what you see around you.

The scene of many approaches

When in this situation it’s always a good trick to walk off just in front of her, letting her naturally walk back towards you as though you’re leading and she is the one following you around. While walking round I’m constantly weighing up in my mind whether to go for it or not- she’s keen, free for the day and lives 1 hour away so even if I get the number it’ll be hard to set up the date. However, nothing is as worse than having a Same day lay failure as it’s a completely wasted day when you could have been out getting leads, along with the fact I was well up for Daygame that day and meeting Ricky, Xants and Mr S for beers later. I decide to go for one drink with her and decide from there.

I walk Divya straight out of the museum and we go to a pub opposite. Standard first date structure kicks off and she is happy taking all my touch, it’s going very well. She has quite a hard exterior and likes to banter but I can see that twinkle of interest in her eyes- I decide I’m going to go for it. I finally convince her to come back to my area as there is a great rooftop bar which would be perfect in the sun but she tries to snatch the frame a few times


Come one, let’s get the tube back to my area, it’s only a few stops


No, it’s a nice day so I want to walk


No, we’re getting the tube


Oh, fine.


And when we’re in the bar, it was her turn to get the drinks


I’ll have a Corona


I’m paying but you order


No. It’s your round so you have to order


Oh, OK then


We head up to the rooftop and grab a seat, the vibe is great with a DJ pumping out the tunes to the busy roof terrace in the mid afternoon beaming hot sun. After some more rapport building we kiss with no resistance. An hour or so passes and I decide to go for the bouneback, Divya declines so I say she can get the train home then as I’m going to meet my friends- she changes her mind soon enough. This was a complete accidental push because I genuinely was going to meet the boys for beers if this wasn’t on for today. We go back to mine.

We put on a film and I gradually escalate; however, she would always break the kissing off and wouldn’t go any further. I could tell it wasn’t going to happen tonight, so I roll off, chill out and watch the film drinking beers, hoping she’ll be up for coming back down to London for a second date soon. Divya leaves soon after.

As a nice change Divya messages me a few days later saying she would like to meet for a second date, this is a green light if I’ve ever seen one, so we set up a date for the following weekend to look around Camden market.

Fast forward to the next Sunday and we’re looking round the market trying the food, the vibe between us felt really nice and chilled out. Camden is always a good choice for an adventure date, especially as they have that crazy store called ‘Cyberdog’ selling all sorts of strange things. The best part of it is in the basement area where they sell sex toys- the perfect way to spike up the date.

Complete degeneracy


See those steps over there.. that’s the adult section. You’re too young to go in, I’ll have to cover your eyes


Cool, lets go in!


We go in and I playfully cover her eyes as we walk around looking at the sex toys. Divya was very comfortable having a look around and started telling me she has two vibrators. It was at this point I knew I would be balls deep in this girl in a few hours’ time.

After witnessing the Cyberdog degeneracy, we go for a walk down regents canal stopping off in a pub overlooking the canal. We get the beers in and she agrees to come back to mine after a few more drinks. I do some token rapport building and Divya tells me how much she hates India and the men over there. It’s normal that everytime Divya- or any woman is in town or on public transport, she will get groped a few times, it’s the norm over there and nobody does anything about it. I have heard it’s bad over there but didn’t realise it’s this bad. A country full of Incels- or in this case Currycels. She also confesses I’m the most ‘manly man’ she has been on a date with which was good to hear.

We go back to mine and after some token LMR, I had her screaming on the end of my white stick. After sex, Divya starts saying things like-


I bet girls just throw themselves at you (not true)

I bet girls never say no to you (not true)

You must have a harem of loads of girls (not true)

I bet you’ve slept with hundreds of girls (not true)


This is obviously the best thing a girl can think about you as they all want to fuck the Alpha and it goes to show girls have big imaginations and their own stories they make up about you in their head is very powerful.



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