Lay Report: Slovakian Raspberries

It’s always good to get away over the bank holiday weekends in May and for the first bank holiday I decided to hit Bratislava for a 5 day solo jaunt to check out the city and try the daygame as Slovakian girls I’ve met in London have been hot.

I landed late afternoon on Wednesday, dropped my bags off at the apartment and hit the streets straight away. I wasn’t that impressed with the quality and the volume wasn’t high enough, it also didn’t help that there isn’t a decent daygame street, with most of the game to be had in and around the mall.

The main Daygame area

However, I rolled off a few approaches and as I was walking back to the Old Town I saw a girl walk past wearing a nice skirt showing off the most beautiful brown legs. I went in.


Hi, I know this is cheeky but I wanted to come and meet you because you look very pretty. I like how tanned you are.. you could not of got that from here


Thank you! I just came back from holiday in Spain


I find out her name is Marianna, Slovakian, works here in Bratislava and she mentions she doesn’t like Slovaks as they are too cold and the reason she likes Spain so much is because her personality is more like a Spanish person than a Slovak, as well as looking more like a Spanish girl because of how brown she was- luckily she wasn’t actually Spanish or she would’ve blown me out by now. I number close and set up the date for the next day on the spot. Marianna was almost too ‘chatty’ so it felt like a bit of a false positive at the time, as it turns out that was just her personality.

The following day I meet Marianna in the Old Town and she turns up looking very sexy wearing a colourful top and small denim shorts showing off her brown legs again. She had an awesome toned brown body because of how much she loves sunbathing but sadly this added a few years onto her face as it was losing a lot of its vibrancy already.

We go to an Irish bar for the first venue and I proceed to build comfort where I find out she is 26 and never had a boyfriend as she tells me she doesn’t like the men here and she had a few ‘things’ with Mediterranean guys but they turned out to be like boys, not men.

No shit.

Marianna was very chatty and coming across quite dominant. I am a natural introvert and my weak point is still dealing with girls like this because of how much they are talking, they can start taking the frame, I felt like I was losing it.


I can tell you’re quite a dominant person so you need a guy who is more so. This is probably why you have never had a relationship at the age of 26, no men can handle you.


It was at this point that the vibe shifted, immediately she could tell that I ‘got it’ and I saw the flash of attraction in her eyes as her energy lowered and I finally got a glimpse of her feminine submissiveness… for the next two minutes.  Soon after I go for the kiss but get the head turn making me believe it won’t be on for tonight and I’ll have to save it for the second date as Marianna mentioned she has work early in the morning so we can meet in a few days time before I leave. However, she mentions she is happy to go for a walk as it’s a nice warm evening.

We leave the bar and walk up to Bratislava castle as Marianna said she wanted to show me the view of Bratislava at night. Even though the castle is closed at night time, the surrounding areas are left open enabling the public to walk up to the top to see the view or hang out in the park. We head up to the top, racing each other running up the stairs highlighting the fact I really need to improve my cardio. We get to the top with our arms round each other as I’m holding her tight little waist and looking out over Bratislava at night time.

Bratislava castle

We continue talking about how she struggles to find guys, I pull her in close, look her dead in the eyes and say


Do you think I could handle you?


As I say this, I grab her by the throat and start making out with her. When we stop kissing she lets out a massive sigh, which is when I finally felt her femininity breaking through her tough, dominant exterior- this is what I was waiting for.

We walk back down to the Old Town, refusing to come back to my place but happy to go for another drink. We find a cafe on my street, order in the beers as well as some Shisha and smoke it together while her legs are draped over me. The vibe felt a lot more relaxed now, bordering on sexual. We finish up and I invite her back to mine one last time. She accepts but says it can only be for about 1 hour as she has to get the last bus back home.

We get into my room and she lies on my bed browsing YouTube on my laptop, playing shitty Spanish songs she likes while singing along. I slowly start to escalate but she will do anything to break the sexual tension by talking shit, singing or turning back to YouTube to search for more songs. She even went as far as to blow a ‘raspberry’ in my face when I was about to kiss her like some sort of child, it was really starting to piss me off.

I finally manage to get her top off as she is lying face down on my bed and I say I want to see her awesome bum, so she lets me pull her denim shorts halfway down her ass. I start kissing her then I slip a finger in her warm tight pussy. As she is getting increasingly turned on, I get on top of her while she is still lying face down on the bed then slip my dick in raw dog. All the resistance falls away and we start fucking properly, enjoying her bronzed toned body.

After sex, she starts to act like a child again by blowing more ‘raspberries’ in my face, biting my fingers really hard and just generally being really annoying. I didn’t even want to fuck her again, which says it all.

Something like this but add a point

Bratislava turned out to be a successful trip as not only is a notch great on a short 5 day jaunt but meeting a girl on my first day- the 4th approach of the trip and getting the lay on my second evening there is a bonus. However, I believe I got very lucky as it just isn’t a great city for daygame. I didn’t really see any ‘8s’ and the overall volume was way too low; add the fact that there isn’t really any decent daygame areas such as big shopping streets, I won’t bother going back there again. If you’re in the central Europe area, you may as well skip it to go to Budapest, Prague or Poland.

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