Lay Report: Turkish Delight

The first week of January 2018 and I like everyone else was back to the work grind after a relaxing Christmas holiday. I finish work at 5pm on the Thursday and jump on the Northern line needing to change at Moorgate as I’m going to the gym that evening. As I get on the tube I see an exotic looking girl sat down, listening to music with a smile on her face and I notice she is not in work attire, I’m guessing she isn’t an office drone like everyone else here. She gets off at Bank station and even though my stop is the next one- Moorgate, I decide to jump off early to approach. The worst-case scenario being, if she blows me out I can just jump back on the next available tube. No big deal.

My vibe was unusually high for the first week of January due the fact I had already got a notch from our New Year’s trip to Zagreb a couple of days before, this momentum will always help when approaching in this type of situation as it was high pressure and not expecting it, as I went about my day.

Daygame is always advertised to us as ‘approach hot girls whenever you want as you go about your life’ even though it’s very rare guys do this. Most guys (myself included) fall into the trap of only meeting girls when we put a session in on the weekend for example. From when I first started I have done my best to approach as I see them rather than relying on a big session. It’s a lot harder as you usually see a girl when you’re least expecting it, maybe you’re in a rush or your vibe is low as you’re in ‘work mode’. We should all focus on incorporating this into our life as much as we can.

It was rush hour at Bank tube- one of the busiest stations in London resulting in the platform itself being way too busy to stop her. I decide to time it, so I can approach her in the corridor just after the platform, where it branches off to the other tube lines.

bank tube
Platform pretty much like this

I manage to get in front and open her as the rush hour footfall are storming past us in a blur.


Excuse me, I know it’s really busy here but I wanted to meet you because you look very pretty. You look Mediterranean.


Thank you. I’m Turkish 


She continued to walk away but I persisted and moved to the side as it was busy, she took my lead. I found out her name was Azra, Turkish, here studying English for 6 months. I bantered on whether she was an Istanbul or Izmir girl and if she drank too much Turkish Tea, it was a good interaction and I picked up a sizzle of sexual tension. I invited her out for a drink sometime and she accepted. I could tell she wouldn’t flake.

I met Azra a couple of days later at Covent Garden and took her to Souk Medina as standard. Her English wasn’t great but from the very beginning I picked up on the Sexual tension. I have a good feeling about this.

My standard date structure followed, and I found out she was enjoying her new-found freedom in London, which is very common when a girl comes from a backwards culture like Turkey and the surrounding regions. Always a good sign.


How did you feel about me approaching you the way I did?


I really liked it because it felt… real


The date was going well and she accepted all my touching, we started to hold hands while I showed her some of my travelling photos on my phone.


Who do you normally go for? Nice boys or bad boys?


It’s good when the man and women are both nice but they do bad things together


That’s a green light if I’ve ever seen one. We kiss.

It was only an hour into the date, but I decide to go for it as I have a feeling this is on. I invite her back to my place for beer and to watch a film. She accepts so I call us an Uber.

We get back to mine, enter my room and Azra sits on my bed choosing something on Netflix while I go to get the beers out the fridge.

I follow my standard procedure of putting the laptop on my lap, so we can both watch it while pulling her next to me and put my arm round her. I like to do this straight away to get her comfortable and to avoid any awkwardness of having to ‘make the move’.

10 minutes into the film I start kissing her and my hand starts rubbing her pussy through her jeans, it’s at this point she knows what’s happening. Our clothes come flying off. After a short break we fuck again as she goes on top- finally a girl that’s good on top!


I want to finish in your mouth




We chill out at mine a bit more until I walk her back to the station.

I made plans to meet Azra again but we never managed to meet as her sister was visiting and staying with her in London for 3 weeks, so it soon fizzled out.

I will always remember this notch as not only was Azra an incredibly sexy girl but also due to how we met. I approached in an unusual high-pressure situation while I was just going about my day, which most guys struggle with. Game wasn’t on my mind whatsoever, but I saw her and switched into action. This will always be a good reminder for me that the game can be played everywhere, it never switches off. The possibilities are endless.

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