Lay Report: Secret Society Sisters

Even though Euro Jaunts are the most fun when travelling with a wing, I still like to do a solo trip from time to time as it is always a bigger challenge being completely alone in a new city and trying to create something out of nothing. For my last jaunt of 2017 I booked a 4 night trip to Ljubljana in October as I heard it was a really nice city anyway. A 4 night trip is usually way too short to expect results on a Euro jaunt so I wasn’t expecting anything and would just focus on enjoying one last holiday of the year, using it as a scouting trip to see if is worth returning in the future.

I checked into my Airbnb, dropped by bags off and hit the streets straight away. Ljubljana is a very pleasant city and I was enjoying wandering round in the unusually warm weather for that time of year. Even though Ljubljana was very nice, it was a bit too small for an extended Euro jaunt and in those 4 days I only did about 20 sets.

On my second day there on the main shopping street I see a girl storming past me in a rush holding a stack of books. Even though she was in a rush I wanted to approach as she was the hottest girl I had seen that day. I find out she’s called Milica, from Macedonia and studying there in Ljubljana with her sister. As she is in such a rush to get to her lectures I walk with her down the road then take her number. It seems solid and as we are setting up the date on the spot I have one more question for her.


You’re a pretty girl so how come you’re single?


Well, I just don’t want a relationship right now


Ok that’s perfect for you then as I don’t live here. We can just meet for a drink


Sounds good


She knew what I meant by that.

The local Slovenians were very polite but I wasn’t getting much interest. The best set was with a student who seemed like a bit of an outsider,  so I took her number and set up a 10pm date on my last night there as she was at work until late.

On my 3rd night there I try to set up a date with Milica but she flakes. It was shame but I knew I had a date with the local Slovenian the next night- my last night so all was fine.

On my 4th and last night there, Milica messages me out of the blue and says she is free to meet at 6pm. This worked out perfectly as I would have 4 hours until the date with the Slovenian and that will give me enough time to see how the date with Milica is going, if it isn’t on I can just leave and meet the Slovenian.

I meet Milica by the triple bridge in the centre and I take her to a bar near my apartment, we sit outside and get the beers in. Milica confesses she is a bit nervous as she hasn’t been on a date for a long time due to the fact she was in a relationship beforehand. I also find out she only really hangs around with her sister as even though the Slovenians are friendly, they aren’t so open to welcoming you into their social circles. The date is going well and we end up kissing.

Just as I get a sense it may be on and build myself up to inviting her back to my place, someone stands at our table so I look up


Hello, I’m Milica’s sister. I wanted to join you and see if she’s ok


For fucks sake, literally the worst timing. Turns out the sister was bored drinking wine alone at home so wanted to come and join us for a few drinks. I decide there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s my last night here and I wasn’t expecting much from this trip anyway so I may as well enjoy the beers and have a laugh with them. So that’s what we did. While at the same time keeping a close eye on the time knowing I have another potential date shortly so I’m going to have to make my decision very soon.

We sit drinking our beers and I proceed to completely win the sister over by making her laugh and building some rapport. After a drink or two, Milica gets up to go to the toilet leaving the sister and myself alone. She turns to me and says


Mr White, I like you. You made my sister happy because when she came home that day she was shaking with excitement and said she just met an English man on the street


As soon as Milica came back and sat down I then go to the toilet to give them some alone time enabling them to have the ‘girl chat’. I come back and as soon as I sit down the sister turns to me again.


Right, I’ll leave you two alone now. I can see Milica is safe with you


I guess they really did have the chat. I have a good feeling about this as Milica said she wants to carry on drinking with me so I make the decision to back this horse and quickly message the Slovenian I was supposed to meet at 10pm and tell her I can’t make it because I feel sick. It’s all or nothing now.

We all get up to leave together and as we part ways with the sister she turns back to Milica and myself and says


I want you both to know you can do anything you want to. Nobody will know


Wow. This sister is actually helping Milica to get laid, what an awesome girl. Milica and I are finally left alone and as we are walking to another bar, her phone rings. It was the sister. They speak in Macedonian then she puts down the phone.


What does you sister want?


Oh, when she was walking home she walked past some people we know so she told me which way to walk so they won’t see us


The secret society in action for you. Girls are always a lot more clued up to this than the average guy; it was good to see it in action right in front of me.


Milica and I go for one more drink and I take her back to mine. The sex was good but she was a bit nervous wanting me to constantly reassure her this is normal while I was undressing her


Tell me this is normal (as I’m taking off her underwear)


This is normal, it’s completely normal


Ljubljana turned out to be a nice surprise and I was especially happy pulling off a notch on a short 4 day trip from 20 approaches. It was a pleasant place but it was just a bit too small and you can find hotter girls in other cities. So for those reasons I’m in no rush to go back. However, good trip overall.

3 thoughts on “Lay Report: Secret Society Sisters

  1. Native girls in LJ are obsessed with their status; you know sth is wrong with this place when practically every girl you added on Facebook or Instagram has one or many friends in common with you.

    For getting flags I usually hung out at one of the hostel bars and visited their evening events. In recent years there has been also a larger influx of foreign students from the Balkans, and you will have it by a magnitude easier if you succeed in infiltrating their circles. Otherwise, nothing worth mentioning to make it an eurojaunt destination.

    Real hotties do exist here, but are rarely seen strolling throughout the city center. They for sure do not use public transport or ride their bycicles, and mostly go to a few selected bars and 2-3 nightclubs.

    In this country, there is a strong social pressure to fit in with the average dullness and faggotry, something that we should thank socialism for.


    1. Yeah it’s a really nice city but I won’t bother going back for Daygame. This is the problem with small cities that aren’t anonymous- Daygame is possible but a lot harder.
      As mentioned, I think I got lucky as I found one of the foreign Balkan students living there.

      There are so many other good cities in Europe for a euro jaunt, I won’t bother returning to LJ.


  2. I would still encourage you to try out the coast towns of Slovenian and Croatian Istra during the summer. It is packed with Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and Polish middle-class girls. They are much more likely to search for adventure than those Instahoes visiting Makarska, Budva and other places of “classiness”. On the Italian side Lignano might be the corresponding location.

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