Lay Report: 17 Year Old Peruvian Pocahontas Virgin + Anal

It was a rainy February Saturday afternoon in Covent Garden, around 4pm. I was propped up within the undercover section in Covent Garden waiting for the rain to pass while I checked the standard BS on my phone. As I look up I see a dreamy girl wandering through looking at the various stalls within Covent Garden wearing earphones, she proceeds to stop to watch one of the performers close by.

I time the approach so I’m able to stop her away from the crowd and noise.

Hi, I know this is very cheeky but I saw you walk past and I think you look very pretty, you remind me of Pocahontas

She liked the compliment and I proceed to find out her name is Arianna, from Peru, in London for 1 month studying English, in which she has 3 weeks left. I tease her by saying one of her main secret reasons of coming to London is to meet charming English men, she laughs and admits she loves the accent. I take her number, however she had one more question for me.


How old are you?


I’m 92 but I’ve had lots of plastic surgery. How old are you?





I had to admit, the energy of the set felt slightly flat and along with the assumed naivety of her age I thought there is a chance it won’t go anywhere.

The next day I’m in central and drop Arianna a message to see if she is up for meeting for drinks that evening. I don’t usually date request that quickly, especially for the same day but I had a feeling she would be open to it as she doesn’t know anyone in the city. She accepts.

We meet at Covent Garden and go to Souk Medina, where we order in the drinks and thankfully the waiter doesn’t check her age. Following my standard date structure I find out more about her and throw in some spikes. The vibe between us felt a bit flat and it didn’t help that two Pakistani guys sat down right next to us in silence, making it feel slightly awkward. You could hear a pin drop.

I decide to raise the vibe by changing venues, where I convince her to check out my area. Arianna agrees so we get an Uber to one of my favourite bars near me. Once we entered the bar the vibe automatically picked up as I get her to sit down at table while I go to bar to get the drinks so she doesn’t get ID’d.

Over the drinks Arianna asks about my last relationship. It was here where I made sure to describe her own situation back to her hoping to plant the seed that she has an opportunity here to have a real London adventure, giving herself permission to take things further.  I go on to say that I was seeing a girl for 1 month before and from the very beginning we both knew she would be leaving so we just enjoyed our time together and focussed on giving her a London adventure along with lots of passion. It was in this moment I saw a flicker in Arianna’s eyes, I could tell she was thinking that she has the opportunity for that same experience. I’ve got her.

As she already said she loves the English accent I proceed into telling a story making sure to slow down my speech while using the accent as a secret weapon. Her eyes glaze over, I go for the kiss and she’s all over me.

I suggest we go back to mine to watch a film which she seems happy about so we head back to mine picking up wine on the way. We lie on my bed watching a film on my laptop that’s on my lap as I gradually escalate by kissing her. I tell her we need a five minute break from the film as I put the laptop on the floor and put some music on.

Clothes come off, I put on a condom and as I’m about to go in, I hear those magic words


This will be my first time


Praise the lord. We start fucking going slowly at first, she loves it. After a short break we go at it again, showing her different position. As I’m doing her doggy, I think to myself “well, I may as well show her this” and then go into her tight little 17 year old ass. It hurt her at first but after about 10 seconds she started getting into it, saying she likes it when I’m deep and even backing her ass up onto my dick so I’m balls deep. As it turned out I took her virginity and anal virginity within the space of 30 minutes.

After sex I do a bit of post sex debrief and ask her when she decided she wanted to have sex with me. She confesses she loves the accent but the main thing is when I gave her permission to have fun by mentioning about seeing the previous girl for just the 1 month of passion. I guess it worked.

We stay in touch and I see Arianna a second time about 1 week later. While on my bed she tells me she’s on her period but then looks up at me with those nice big brown eyes and in such a cute and timid way she says


Um, maybe… um maybe we try it in the back?


The little minx loves it.

After sex, we chat and I ask if she has any fantasies. She tells me it is student teacher role play. I have a plan…

I decide I want to give her a London adventure she’ll never forget so in preparation for the next time we meet I Google ‘GCSE English language homework’ and end up writing a multiple choice English test. We meet up again and as soon as she’s in my room I turn on the role play (a first for me) and tell her she’s in detention as her grades are not good enough. As soon as she realises what is going on, her eyes went twice as big with excitement and went into character straight away.


But why teacher? I’m the best student in the class


I sat her down on my desk in my poky room and told her to do the test. When she finished, I sat down next to her and went into a monologue saying the real reason I brought her into detention was to get her alone as I can’t concentrate when I’m teaching her as she’s the prettiest girl in the class, I then continue to touch her up. While I was saying my monologue worthy of an Oscar, I watched her eyes glaze over into what looked like a hypnotic trance, which to this day I’ve never seen a girl look at me like that before. I let the sexual tension raise some more then kissed her, it was electric.


Promise me you won’t tell the other students or I could lose my job


I promise teacher I won’t tell anyone


I lifted her up onto my desk and fucked her on top of the English test she had just completed. She really got into it playing her role perfectly as though it was actually happening for her.


I can’t be loud or the other students will hear


And my favourite…


I don’t want to share you with the other students


After sex she said when we kissed, she had never felt anything like it and it felt like our first kiss again. I could tell it meant a lot to her.

We met a few more times until Arianna went back to Peru at the end of the month, a great adventure for both of us. What mark did she get in the English test you may ask? 4 out of 5. She ended up taking it back with her as a ‘special’ London souvenir.

Hard at work

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