Lay Report: New Year Notch (SNL)

New Year’s Eve is usually terrible in London, with the overpriced and overcrowded bars so for a change a few of us decided to head over to Europe for a 3 night piss up, the destination chosen was Zagreb. Hot birds and cheap beers- can’t go wrong. The rat pack consisted of myself, Ricky Roma, Roy Walker, Seven, Mr S, along with Mr S’ younger brother. As this was a short trip, doing Game wasn’t the primary focus like on a normal Euro Jaunt as we were happy to have a laugh, get pissed and crack onto a few birds in the process.

The first two days there leading up to New Year’s Eve consisted of exploring the city, sitting in bars all day drinking and hitting up the bars in the evening cracking onto the local girls. It felt like a lads holiday, as though we were normal people.

The plan for New Year’s Eve- our last night there, was to go to Opera club, however we had been the night before and didn’t like it. Either we are turning into old men or focussing on Daygame for so long has now made us despise big noisy nightclubs so we changed our plans and decided to spend our New Year’s Eve in a big bar just off Jelacic square called Johann Franck. With daygame being more conversational focussed opposed to nightgame we will always be a lot more comfortable in a bar environment rather than a loud club so you can actually talk to the girl.


The rat pack in Alcatraz bar


Drinking commenced early on New Year’s Eve and we caught up with Bodi as he had been living in Zagreb for a while, by the time we got to the bar we were in high spirits. It was a lot busier than the night before so we found a spot, got the beers in and occasionally rolled off to chat to a bird or two.  We were all having a great time, got a make out each and once the clock striked midnight we slowly made our way upstairs where it wasn’t as busy. Even though we are all used to approaching girls in the daytime, it’s important to still be able to approach in other situations such as bars and clubs.. like a normal person.

At about 2am everyone had split off from one another leaving Ricky and myself sat at a table drinking until we see two girls sat by themselves a couple of meters away, we approach just for the hell of it.


Excuse me, we just wanted to come say Hello because we both think you two look very pretty


Oh, thank you!


I find out my girl’s name is Sanja and they are both from Slovenia, here in Zagreb for a short New Year’s holiday like us. We immediately take a girl each splitting it up into two separate conversations. I can’t really remember what I said but within about 2 minutes I was kissing mine, I look over at Ricky and he was already kissing his. Nothing beats the speed of nightgame sometimes.

Due to our drunkenness, after about 5 minutes we invite them back to ours for an ‘after party’ as we try and rush them downstairs and out of the bar. In hindsight this wasn’t the smoothest of moves, but very funny. My girl seemed open to it but Ricky’s not so much.

We end up losing both girls in the queue for the cloakroom and as Ricky and myself are waiting outside we realise they aren’t coming out. Ricky soon comes up with an ingenious plan.


I have no idea what mine looks like so shall we just go back in and try and make out with any girl we see?


Haha let’s do it


We head back into the bar and do just that. With a few girls jumping back in horror later, I get that dreadful feeling in the pit of my stomach- I need a shit.

Three days’ worth of beer and burgers had caught up with me and I realise I’m going to have to do the unthinkable of having a shit in a bar on New Year’s Eve. I run into the toilet and find the one cubicle is locked. I bang on the door.


Mate, please hurry up, I’m going to shit myself


The door opens and I see three guys in there, obviously doing cocaine.


Are you being serious, is it that bad?


Yes. Please, I won’t be long mate


Ok, you have five minutes


I only needed two as the brown liquid fired out of me, the smell was so bad my eyes started stinging. Once the deed was done I opened the door with shame as the three guys were still standing there waiting. As they are walking back into the cubicle, the smell hits them.


Holy fuck! What have you done?! Jesus!


I’m so sorry


The poor bastards cover up their noses while using the door as some sort of make shift fan by rapidly open and closing it. I quickly leave the scene of the crime.

As I exit the bathroom with a feeling of embarrassment but relief, by complete luck I see Sanja stood all alone at the bar. The gods are smiling at me. I go straight up to her and Kiss. She is up for leaving with me but is worried about her friend so we spend the next couple of minutes wandering round the bar looking for her. We finally find the friend, they talk in Slovenian and the friend is completely fine with Sanja leaving with me as the friend is happy to stay at the bar. As we go to leave I look back and see the friend already talking to another guy. I’m sure she will be fine.

Sanja asks where we are going and I say we are going back to mine to relax. She is fine with this but want’s something to eat so we make a pit stop at a takeaway pizza place as I continue to build some rapport. I finally get her back to mine and it’s pretty much on from when we get into my room. We fuck twice and at about 6am I call her an Uber back to her hotel as I try to get 1-2 hours sleep before we all have to get the taxi to the airport.

Zagreb turned out to be a great holiday and getting a notch was a perfect start to 2018.

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