Lay Report: 18 Year Old Russian Model

Shortly after starting game you soon realise the hottest girls come from Eastern Europe and Russia. I had already tried gaming in various Eastern European destinations but had left the big boy until last- mother Russia. So in May 2016, Ricky Roma and I decided to finally hit Moscow.

We only booked a week there but the weather was in our favour as there was a heat wave making early spring feel like summer, along with the added benefit of being a public holiday, the streets were busy. We were enjoying rolling off the approaches in the sun, while exploring the city and seeing the famous sites such as Red Square as well as obviously appreciating the hotness of the girls.

Moscow Daygame
Seeing the sights

The public holiday was for the Victory Day parade, where all the military vehicles would be parading through the streets which we wanted to see. However we got the timings wrong and missed it because we were busy in a café eating our morning Porridge. We decided to head up to one of the main streets called New Arbat anyway to see if we could see anything left over. The streets were still really busy with everyone still bustling about and as we were shuffling through the crowds we saw a lone girl selling souvenir military hats so I go in. I can’t remember much from the conversation but her name was Elina, selling hats for extra money while being slightly embarrassed because her English wasn’t that good.

Daygame approach
A rare photo of the actual approach

I take Elina’s number and proceed to get her out on a date within the next day or so. She turned up in a nice long dress looking completely different to how she looked when we first met; I had never had a girl looking so feminine on a date. This is what Russia is about.

We go for a drink in a type of lounge bar on New Arbat and I build some rapport, fifty percent of the time having to use Google Translate where she tells me she is looking for a husband and she does modelling. It was so refreshing being on a date with a girl this feminine, being in England for so long you forget that this is what woman should be like.

We decide to go for a walk to Red Square and on the walk I realise I left the bar without paying, I had completely forgot. Now it makes sense why the staff members were looking at me in a confused way. Well, I can’t go there again.

By the time I get to Red Square holding hands with this beautiful girl it was getting darker with the lights from the Kremlin and GUM shopping centre lighting up the whole of the square. It was a movie like moment and reminded this is the type of experience Euro Jaunts should bring.
red square

We walk around some more and end up kissing right in the middle of the square. Afterwards she gets out Google Translate and starts typing


We kiss in the same language


I end up walking her to the metro and say goodbye, planning to meet the next day. Elina messages me when she gets home


Thank you 🙂 have a good night 😉 you are a good boy. I like you 🙂


It was literally one of the best first dates I had ever been on but in the back of my mind I knew time was against me as we were only here for one week, thinking there is a good chance my time will run out before I can take things further with Elina. This was the reason I made sure to set up the second date for the next day on the spot with her as we were saying goodbye. Something I would never consider doing in London.

We met the next day for our second date and we went for a walk to Patriarch Ponds and had some food in front of the small lake. Elina was happy to get her phone out and show me videos of her doing Catwalk shows while the waiter was glancing over my shoulder looking jealous.

We ended up walking to Hard rock café on Old Arbat, close to where we were staying hoping I would be able to get her back to mine later on. There was a big hockey game on in the bar and the energy was high. We sit next together enjoying the atmosphere, kissing and drinking. Elina gets her phone out and starts typing into Google Translate again


We met because of fate


Russian girls love all that stuff.

I invited Elina back but she said it was too early, however she was happy to meet again before I leave. I managed to set up the third and final date on my last night in Moscow feeling the pressure that it has to happen tonight. I really didn’t like the pressure.

I met Elina in the same place and invited her back to mine, she accepted. Thank God. I took her straight into my bedroom and she wanted to shower because she came straight from a casting, a very good sign. Once showered she appeared back in my room, just wearing a towel, picked up her phone and wrote into Google Translate those magical words


Do you have protection?


Yes I do.

I laid Elina back onto my bed slowly taking the towel off to reveal the most incredibly perfect body. I put my hand between her beautiful legs and she was soaking wet already.

We fucked and I loved being inside a girl that stunning, she was very loud and turned into a bit of a demon in the sack. Just like a lot of Russian girls- kittens on the outside, tigers on the inside.

After I dropped Elina back off at the metro I felt a huge sense of pride and relief as not only was Elina one of the hottest girls I had slept with, but also being able to pull that off on my last night, literally by the skin of my teeth.

Moscow was a great trip for Ricky and I as we both slept with a girl on the third date by compacting the three dates needed into the one week we were there.

It’s easy to fall into the ‘Grass is Greener’ trap by thinking another location is better than you own. However, sometimes it’s true.

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