Lay Report: 18 Year Old Minx In Minsk

I’ve now travelled to most of the places I’ve wanted to for daygame however one place was left I have always wanted to try- Minsk. Ricky Roma and I applied for our visas and booked a 10 day jaunt there in August 2017, we couldn’t wait as nothing beats the feeling of trying somewhere completely new.

We hit the ground running collecting a fair few numbers and the dates started to trickle in. As we were on the main daygame street I saw a cute girl walk past us, I went in.


Excuse me, I wanted to come say hello as you look very pretty


Thanks, where do you come from?




Wow, London is my dream


I find out her name is Ekaterina and lucky for me she’s an Anglophile as she’s currently studying to be a translator because she wants to move to London in the future. The set is going well and I decide to ask if she has a boyfriend which is a good tactic sometimes as there will be no doubt in the girl’s mind of why you approached her.


Do you have a boyfriend?


(In an embarrassed sort of way) Yes


Well that’s fine because I don’t live here. We can meet for a drink


She knew exactly what I meant by that. We part ways and as I shake her hand she delays letting go and strokes my hand as I leave, a very good sign.

I set up the date for the next day or so and I take her to republic bar, a 2 minute walk to our apartment. As it turned out Ricky was also on a date in the same bar at the same time so I decide to sit outside with mine while Ricky is inside.

The date is going well and she is happy to openly talk about her boyfriend saying the main problem with him is that they are the same age- 18.

I continue to build rapport, throwing in spikes while I get a message come through from Ricky


Got a bad feeling about this one. Going to bail on her.


Then about 30 minutes later…


Bouncing her back.


Well that escalated quickly!

Internally wishing him luck, I order in more beers and carry on with my date. After a while I compliment her on her lips and we end up kissing. Ekaterina then says she has to be careful in case one of her boyfriend’s friends walks past.


So, why did you come up to talk to me on the street?


Why do think a guy comes up to speak to you? I didn’t just want to be your friend


We look into each other’s eyes in silence for a couple of seconds letting the tension rise until Ekaterina finally breaks it


Is your apartment nearby?


This is on. Time to bounce. I tell her it’s 2 minutes away and if she would like to come back for a glass of wine and a film. She accepts.

Right on cue I get the ‘+1’ text through from Ricky, perfect timing.  I respond with a congratulations telling him mine is ON and I’m bringing her back now, requesting if he could stay scarce as I bring mine in. He says it won’t be a problem as his bird is just leaving. This really is perfect timing.. or so I think.

I pay the bill and lead Ekaterina back to my place stopping off on the way so she can buy more cigarettes. I message Ricky again


We’ll be back in 2 minutes


Shit! She’s wandering about the flat and won’t leave. Circle the block


I circle the block with Ekaterina buying Ricky more time to get rid of his bird and after about 5 minutes I assume all is fine so we finally head back to the flat. As I open the door Ricky’s bird is still there sitting on the floor crying about her boyfriend and won’t leave. This is the last thing I want my bird to see. I see the look on Ricky’s face of frustration doing everything he can to get rid of his for me. I quickly shuffle Ekaterina past them and into the kitchen so we can open some beers. I kill some more time hoping Ricky’s bird will leave but she won’t budge. Losing patience I think ‘enough is enough’ and just try and lead Ekaterina into my room. As the two girls cross paths, Ricky’s bird finally says something to mine


Are you from Minsk as well?




Приветсумасшедшая сука. вы тоже будете трахаться этим дэдгамером


Давозможно. Пожалуйста,оставь меня одного


Shit, this is not good; they are talking to each other in Russian. Fuck knows what they are saying. This is literally the last thing I need as I don’t want my girl getting cold feet and suddenly falling off the fence. As we all know, each bounceback should be as smooth as possible, making it as comfortable as possible for the girl.

As I’m taking Ekaterina into my room I hear Ricky’s bird make a comment about my one


Ooo, she looks young


Damn right.

As soon as we are in my room, it’s on. I end up fucking her doggy style in front of the full length mirror in the room. It was awesome. As I sent out the +1 text to the lads I realised Ricky’s and my birds both had boyfriends. Naughty minxes.


This turned out to be a great night performing an impressive juggling act so as soon as the birds left Ricky and I went back to Republic bar, where we both were about an hour or so before on our dates for a celebratory beer. Minsk turned out to be a good trip for both Ricky and I as we ended the trip with a +2 each. I’m still in contact with both of my birds so if I ever return in the future and can be bothered with the visa hassle, I’ll hopefully be able to see them again.

One thought on “Lay Report: 18 Year Old Minx In Minsk

  1. Jason

    Mate, why on Earth would you and Ricky do that to another guy? Game already gives you access to a lot of birds. Those poor lads don’t even know what hit them and that their relationships are a lie.


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