Lay Report: Oslo Same Day Lay

It was Summer 2013 and by that point I had been daygaming for about 2.5 years and had been doing solo Euro jaunts for about 1 year. I would have still classed myself as a beginner as I was still struggling with daygame and seeing results. However, I was enjoying pushing my comfort zone, literally seeing myself change for the better as well as the adventure of combining what I had learnt in daygame so far with my love for travel and trying it out in new cities.

Before I even considered on hitting up Eastern Europe I had heard about guys doing well in Scandinavia, which I also fancied trying as I was interested in seeing that part of Europe. I started off in Copenhagen for 5 days which went terribly then got a direct plane from there to Oslo, which I had higher hopes about.

I was pleasantly surprised by Oslo, it was a very nice city if a little too quiet, I made sure to stay just off the main street- Karl Johans Gate, which is the main shopping/bar and restaurant area where most of the approaching would be done.

I was surprised by how many other gamers were there as walking from one end of Karl Johan to the other I would always see at least five other guys approaching girls, not ideal but this is what you get in combination of a small city and how popular Oslo was for game a few years ago. I ended up meeting a few other gamers who I winged with for the rest of the trip.

The trip started fairly well as in the first day or so I stopped an American girl living and working there. We went on an instant date for beers, kissed then ended up taking her back to my hotel- this was before I even found out about Airbnb. After some clumsy escalation on my bed, she left without us going any further than just kissing. I never saw her again.

On my second to last day, with no solid leads in my phone and time running out I decided I will have to go all out and see what happens. The day started with approaching a hot Russian which I thought was going well until in the middle of the set, her boyfriend rang. She picked up and started speaking to him in Russian, she was smiling and in a light-hearted way she must have mentioned to him on the phone that some English guy was chatting her up. Turns out he was jealous I was speaking to her and wanted to speak to me, she proceeded to hand the phone over to me and the jealous boyfriend on the other end of the phone asked if I wanted to fuck his girlfriend and started getting really angry. Random but funny.

Later on in the day I saw a cute hamster looking girl walk past me up Karl Johan, I made chase and stopped her


Excuse me, I know this is random but I think you’re very pretty. You don’t look Norwegian, you look like you come from Eastern Europe


I find out her name is Regina, from Lithuania and has been working in Oslo for 5 years. I showed some knowledge about her country and mentioned I’m visiting Estonia next month. She tells me she is meeting friends for drinks so I take her number and let her get on her way.

A bit of texting between us later on and we arrange to meet for a quick drink after she has finished with her friends. We end up meeting quite late at 11pm on Karl Johan and we go grab an extortionately expensive Oslo beer in an outside bar just next to the main street and sit down. The date is going well and I ask her what she thinks of English men


I’ve always thought they must be masculine and dominant because of films like Green Street and Braveheart 


If only she knew most English guys are beta.


When was your last relationship?


I was engaged but we broke up a couple of months ago


She continues to tell me this is a strange period in her life as at the age of 27 she is suddenly single again and even has the wedding dress she bought still in her wardrobe at home never worn. The date is going well until a group of three middle aged female gypsies suddenly surround us trying to get us to buy one of their shit roses in a strangely invasive manner. Regina starts to get uncomfortable so she gets up and goes to the toilet. As they walk off I think how strange it was for all three of them to surround as at the same time, it was at this moment that I looked down at the table and that sick feeling hit my stomach when I realised those fuckers just swiped my phone off the table.

I look back and see them hastily walking round the corner looking back at me to see if I have noticed, I make chase and stop all three of them




No English, No English




As soon as I say the word ‘Police’ they panic and one of them hands my phone back to me. I look back to the bar where we were sat and Regina had returned from the toilet, stood up at our table, looking around wondering where I had gone. I return to the table and tell her what just happened and both still in disbelief I tell her we need to kiss so I can calm down. We kiss. Shortly after, I decide it’s time to go for the bounceback.


Let’s go


Where are we going?


Back to my hotel so we can relax


Um ok, do you have an iPhone charger?


At this point I actually did before I realised Apple are a bit shit.

I get her back, clothes come off and we start fucking shortly after we’re through the door. After, as I’m lying next to her in a post sex glow, I think back to how much of an eventful day this was and how daygame can only give us the adventures like this. This was also my first same day lay so it was a big thing for me.

As she is leaving I try to calm her down as she keeps on saying she is a slut as she’s never done this type of thing before. The next day I message Regina to see if she fancied meeting for a coffee as it’s my last day in Oslo, she accepts.

Later in the day I go to the meeting point and was struggling to see as the sun was very low in the sky and in my eyes so I was having difficulty finding her. As it turns out I accidentally walked past her once or twice. I finally see her.


Really!? It’s been one day and you’ve already forgotten what I’ve looked like?


The sun was in my eyes, honest!


We had one last relaxing evening together enjoying the summer evening in Oslo walking down by the pier on the waterfront. Regina then comes back to my hotel again for one last night of passion. Oslo turned out to be a great trip and probably my favourite city in Scandinavia for game.

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