Lay Report: Brazilian Same Day Lay

At the beginning of 2015- after daygaming for about 4 years at the time I finally made the move to London to take things to the next level, however I had a bad start. I moved to London in February 2015 but it took me until April of that year to get my first notch, either way I was enjoying my new adventure in London and finally being able to approach in the volume needed.

I landed back in London one Saturday evening in April having just come back from a Euro Jaunt in Belgrade so I had momentum and a good vibe ready for a day’s worth of approaches the next day, the Sunday before going back to work on Monday. The sun was out and I was enjoying being back on the streets of London rolling off the approaches, things were feeling good.

As I was walking from Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus- just outside the Grosvenor casino, I saw a South American looking girl strolling past me. She just had that vibe of a tourist even though she didn’t have the tell-tale signs such as a camera round her neck or holding a map.


Excuse me, I know this is random but I think you look really pretty, I like your exotic look


Um.. me no English


Not a word of English.

I somehow find out her name is Doroteia, from Brazil and staying in London for about 1 month with some family who live here, just on her way to KFC. Even though she spoke pretty much no English I spotted that horny look in her eyes, she knew exactly what this was all about. I get her number but then out the corner of my eye I see Rich from Street Attraction, knowing full well that if I just get her number and let her go, he will probably pounce on her. For that reason I thought I’d instant date her.


I go KFC


Well, I was going for food as well. Let’s go to Burger King, its better


I lead by changing the location to where I (apparently) was going and walk her to the most romantic date location known as Burger King in Leicester Square

burger king
Only for the special ones

We get our burgers and find seats upstairs. As we are eating we take it in turns to ask each other questions on Google Translate by passing it to each other over the table. After a while I ask if she would like to go for a London beer, she accepts so I mention how the area I live in has great bars and it’s only a few stops on the tube. Doroteia seems completely fine with this so we head to Leicester Square station to get the tube.

After some awkward chit chat on the tube, which was more like trying to make conversation with a six year old due to her poor English we finally arrive at my stop and I lead her to a bar near my place I take all my dates. We order our drinks at the bar while the barmen is giving me a funny look as he can tell exactly what is going on here. Here I am with a backpack wearing tourist, not speaking a word of English while I’m buying her drinks at 3pm in the afternoon.

I can’t remember much of what we ‘talked’ about but I end up kissing her fairly quickly. I invite her back to mine and she accepts as long as it’s not for long. We get into my place.


Take off your shoes


We not stay long


Yes but it’s an English tradition. No shoes inside


We start watching a film and before I know it my dick is inside her. Later on as I say goodbye to her at the station she gives me a big thank you because as it turns out she really wanted to meet a guy while she was in London and with 1 week left, I turn up out of nowhere. Doroteia was very appreciative about the whole experience as though it meant a lot to her.

I will always remember this lay as it was my first in London- that being a same day lay as well as my first lay from pretty much having to use Google Translate all the way through. As I look back on this it’s a good reminder that most of the same day lay’s I’ve had now have all been mainly based on amber lights. It’s rare to have overt green lights to rely on so all it takes is to lead the girl through the process and as long as you don’t get resistance, keep on leading all the way up to the close.

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