Game Of Thrones Game

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in summer 2015 and I was heading down Regent Street looking for decent sets as it was just one of those days when nothing took my fancy. While scanning the horizon I see a tall red haired girl coming towards me; red heads aren’t usually my thing but her height caught my attention. As she was getting closer, it suddenly hit me- ‘that’s Sansa Stark!’

Once I had got over the initial shock, excitement took over as I realised I finally get the chance to do my first celebrity approach. Up to that point as I had never cold approached a celebrity before I assumed the best thing to do would be to compliment her as normal and just pretend I don’t know who she is as the worst thing to do would be to come across like another fan. With that in mind, I make chase with my heart beating faster with every step I take. I manage to get round and stop her head on


Excuse me, I know this is random but I had to come and say hello as you look really pretty. You remind me of Ariel, the little mermaid


Oh thank you! But this isn’t my natural colour, I’m blonde but I’ve dyed it


Oh why did you do that? You would look good blonde.

 (She was telling the truth about being blonde, I checked after)

sansa stark
You look very French

She seemed pleasantly surprised as when I stopped her she obviously thought I was just going to be another fan. This was a while ago so I can’t remember much of the conversation but she was an incredibly polite English girl, her real name being Sophie and said she liked to go to all night raves in Shoreditch. It was also a pretty strange approach due to the fact we both had some sort of ‘front’ up- she didn’t want to tell me what she did for a living while at the same time I was pretending I didn’t know what she did.

My acting was honestly better than hers.

If you want to know what a real spotlight effect is like, approach a celebrity. While we were talking, pretty much everyone walking past us on Regent Street were staring at her and pointing, I was doing my best to pretend I didn’t notice. Half way through the set, two Turkish looking guys come up to us


Sansa Stark, Sansa Stark! Can we get a selfie with you?


Yeah, sure


They get their picture taken and walk off. Using some of my acting again worthy of an Oscar, I decide to ask her one more question to see if she’ll finally tell me what she does.


That was very strange.. what was all that about?


I have no idea


I nearly cracked up laughing when she told me this.

Shortly after I went for the close but she made some excuse and began to carry on walking away. It was a fun set, a good story and I genuinely got the sense she enjoyed it as she probably isn’t used to a guy coming up to chat her up like a normal person.


Fast forward to one evening in April 2017 and I’m walking past Liberty store with GG. I see a pretty half caste looking girl go past, however I was immediately put off as she had one of those fucked up big ‘septum’ nose rings in- the type only feminists or SJW lesbians would wear. As she gets closer I realise that it’s Khaleesi’s assistant in Game Of Thrones (named Missandei in the show according to Google).

If you watch the show, you, like myself would assume this girl would be really nice simply because of the sweet natured character she plays. Nope, you would be wrong. In complete contrast to the character she plays, she was not friendly at all and came across like a hardened London girl. Not an ounce of femininity.

No, she wasn’t wearing this

I complimented her and once she got over the initial shock of a guy just coming to chat her up rather than asking for a photo, she gradually started walking round me with no intention of wanting to talk. I ploughed on and I started to see a glimpse of her hardened outer shell coming down, finding out her name is Nathalie.


You look like you’re a student here


No. I’m in entertainment


Right. Everyone says that in London now


Just as the set was coming to an end, two women came up to us and asked her for a photo. Once they had taken it and walked off I continued my Oscar winning performance


Ok I think you need to tell me something. What is it you’re in?


A show called Game Of Thrones


Oh I’ve heard of it. But I’m not a big fan of documentaries


With a look of shock on her face like I’m a complete idiot she says..


Um.. It’s not a documentary


I know


This was the point when she realised I’m taking the piss and gave me the biggest smile, it was at this moment that I got a glimpse of her true self shining through her hardened bitchy exterior. This set went nowhere, telling me she had a boyfriend but I enjoyed how through persistence I could see her starting to warm to me while not having any nervousness just because she was a celebrity.

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